New win rates:

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3 years ago#1
a 45-55% win rate suggests that there is no sign of imbalance.

Match up win rates:
America: 54%
Europe: 56%
Korea: 50%

America: 54%
Europe: 53%
Korea: 50%

America: 50%
Europe: 50%
Korea: 52%

Published Map win rates:
these represent the heaviest imbalances in the maps on our ladder
70% PvT win ratio on Cloud Kingdom
62% win ratio in PvZ on Korhal Compound
37% win ratio on Metalopolis for TvZ

Tournamounts / Professional level:
Protoss has good representation in terms of the number of protoss tournament qualifiers at the general professional level, but has the lowest representation at the very highest professional level.

Zerg has the lowest representation at the general pro level, but has been showing the best standings at the highest tournament levels until very recently.

Terran has good representation over all.

Taken from:
3 years ago#2
^^ I hate metalopolis TvZ :D
3 years ago#3
As terran im glad i had cloud kingdom and metal vetoed
3 years ago#4
Sometimes I wonder if I would get better results if I vetoed maps, or if it even matters that much in Plat. I like seeing a variety of maps, but these numbers have me reconsidering.
3 years ago#5
Theres no point playing maps that youre race only has a 30 - 40 percent win rate on tbh. Every zerg should
Veto korhal and every terran ck and metal
3 years ago#6
I vetoed Metalopolis, such a zerg favoured map
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3 years ago#7
Oh, so it isn't just me. Metalopolis is terrible for TvZ. I never understood how you were suppose to defend any of your bases on that map.
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3 years ago#8
TvZ @ metal, just take the gold make marines win
all the attack chokes are really small easy to get map control I dont understand why terran has problems with it..
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3 years ago#9
infestors can fungle your entire army from the high ground in the main on metal, so they pretty much never die
3 years ago#10

From: ikilledkenny2 | #009
infestors can fungle your entire army from the high ground in the main on metal, so they pretty much never die

Sort of like how Terrans have Siege Tanks that can fire continuously from wherever they are and also resist dying.

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