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User Info: Nykza

4 years ago#1
I can't find a single replay where they were really useful.

Anyone know any?
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User Info: skyrimlegend69

4 years ago#2

User Info: minimark

4 years ago#3
Ultralisks tend to be more of a late game strategy usually combined with other units, not really the type of unit to max out on individually. Here's a couple replays, each one uses ultralisks but with a bit more of an emphasis on their other units.


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User Info: SavageSoul21

4 years ago#4
i use them a lot in ZvPto minimize forcefield issues
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User Info: AlbelsPanties

4 years ago#5
By far their most effective use is as a tech switch in my opinion. For example, you maxed on broods so the terran has a fleet of vikings and no marauders, so you suddenly roll him with ultras before their hard counters come out.

Obviously this doesnt happen a lot because it requires a game to go long enough to max, switch techand remax again, aka super late game.
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User Info: NeedMoreMoney

4 years ago#6
I generally use ultras instead of broodlords because of their mobility with servings and that they're great with upgrades.

Then I suddenly mix in broodlords.

I generally get ultras mid-late game.

User Info: taketheshoeoff

4 years ago#7
ya i usually build them when i have a big lead and lose the game.
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User Info: TwoStrikes94

4 years ago#8
having 2~ ultras under your broods to prevent stalkers from blinking underneath is really strong

otherwise, fairly useless.

in zvt you can make ultras to have a good % at finishing the game with your lead, bbut... that only works if the terran is dumb and doesn't understand where he is in the game. (ie: if he tries to push you while behind, or isn't being as defensive as he could be sieged tanks and bunkers.)

ultras are much like roaches, they are decent fighting units for a little while but if your opponent isnt stupid and isn't insanely far behind, then they become useless.

i think broods are better in all situations vs everything but insane amounts of spread vikings.

User Info: ERLiNo

4 years ago#9
I like to get them sometimes when I go linfestor and I know the terran is on 1-1 upgrades at that moment you can win the game with ultra's.
Else I cant find a reason to make more then 1.
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User Info: Nykza

4 years ago#10

From: ERLiNo | #009

How does this work

If sarcasm, my sarcasm-detector units got sniped.
"The 360 has a flimsy disk tray. The ps3 has state-of-the-art dvd pushy thingy out" - BigoSmallo

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