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RIP WoL board (Archived)Cool_Dude667104/5/2013
So when is the next big strategy game coming? (Archived)
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I love how in the one mission with Horner... (spoilers) (Archived)Anagram44/4/2013
Typhon XI scenes (spoiler) (Archived)SKARDAVNELNATE64/4/2013
So what's this about a cd-key being required for the full game? (Archived)Kaiyura64/3/2013
Going to my first MLG as a spectator in June, have questions brahs (Archived)nyrovonn24/3/2013
What order should the missions be play in for the story to make sense? (spoiler) (Archived)SKARDAVNELNATE64/1/2013
How much space (Archived)Sora54263/30/2013
Reinstalling the game after 3 years... do i really have to download the client? (Archived)AnonUnknown53/30/2013
What's up with the ladder now? Are leagues different? (Archived)Yorick2433/27/2013
Anything special in Regular Edition HotS? (Archived)GamerKingFaiz103/27/2013
thinking of switching races inorder to teach zerg how to be defensive (Archived)minimark53/27/2013
what builds flame turrets? (Archived)GodsUnfitChild33/27/2013
How do I get the Demo? (Archived)SheenaTheWomanizer23/26/2013
What should I build when my minerals get high? (Archived)
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Just bought this. New to PC strategy games. (Archived)MrDrippy53/23/2013
takes like .5 seconds of pressing against the screen before it starts scrolling (Archived)MADD DRAKE63/23/2013
Do I Need To Do Something Special To Find Diablo I? (Archived)TylerGamer8413/22/2013
SC2 vs LoL (Archived)
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Practice buddy? (Archived)CUBAN750093/21/2013
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