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After 3 years, I still lose to cannon rushes, 8-9 pool, 1 base roach (Archived)
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Skirmish Mode.... (Archived)wipeout_u13/12/2013
Place to view the final balance changes in HOTS? (Archived)Ryyaann_Is_Band13/12/2013
If you live in NA, you can re-localize the game to EU/KR/SEA and play right away (Archived)
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How to start laying now quick guide. (Archived)Jel_the_Warrior73/12/2013
Question concerning the HotS Digital Deluxe Edition. (Archived)AceTheMadAngel753/12/2013
Is 2.0.5 basicly HOTS? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Blizzard all stars? (Archived)OmegaSol23/12/2013
If I can run this game, will I be able to run HotS? (Archived)The-World-Seven43/12/2013
Has anyone created an entirely new game(s) in SC2:WOL map editor? (Archived)GSWarriors-43/11/2013
So, I'm thinking about getting this and HoTS, completely new to SC2. Question (Archived)Tuggboat112153/11/2013
Do I need to dl anything extra if I buy HotS? (Archived)IndrickBoreale23/11/2013
Are there going to be a lot of expansion noobs playing on ladder? (Archived)Ryyaann_Is_Band63/11/2013
So how exactly do you defend against 14 roaches by 6min 45s as protoss? (Archived)
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Is it worth playing the single player campaign (WoL & HotS) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
We need two things (Archived)TwoStrikes9423/11/2013
Will HotS unlock at midnight PST? (Archived)ULT1MA23/11/2013
Is it possible to change the opening screen BG to Raynor again? (Archived)Pezofpower43/11/2013
question about buying HotS online through blizzard. (Archived)Marz33/11/2013
Blizzard support right now... (Archived)kakashi2333/11/2013
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