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StickyFrequenly Asked Questions V3: PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING (Sticky)
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A_Nonny_Moose2477/20 8:53AM
Man, i have ps3+ps4 but still wnt and get ps2 just to play this game againtactikz479/20 5:09PM
Start a new game with all characters at max level.... (Archived)ttamers98/4 3:49PM
DBZ Hall of Fame (Archived)DBZHallofFame17/18 11:19PM
Hey guys, petition for an HD collection. (Archived)Irishninja22725/23 1:09AM
Purple Potalas... (Archived)Master_Pwner110/10 11:01AM
Concerning Mods (Archived)Altar36018/28/2013
Hard to believe this board is dead (Archived)CM101Play57/16/2013
Albjoker25 FAQ is Bulls*** (Archived)NightmareGamma27/15/2013
How much could Goku bench press... (Archived)Vamp_Wraith26/5/2013
What is the difference between the budokai games and budokai tenkaichi games? (Archived)gamer6592659245/26/2013
Looking for a good custom for Goku (End) (Archived)ZackAttack279214/10/2013
just got this (Archived)cyan100123/4/2013
Worth It? (Archived)coryKhaos32/23/2013
Goku's mother (Archived)RaphaelBelmont22/15/2013
Calling all fighters to the 13th Tenkiachi Budokai! (Archived)ShyOx12/11/2013
DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2 and 3 HD Collection PossiblE For this year? (Archived)Lord_FriezaBT321/23/2013
Games like this? (Archived)brandonv48312/26/2012
favourite char (Archived)
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If they made a 4, who would you want them to squeeze in? (Archived)Oddark123812/4/2012
so i just noticed... (Archived)lenmutt311/25/2012
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