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8 years ago#1
Welcome to the new and revived topic for the Red Potara Codes. I was the original finder a long time ago, and the topic was apparently dead after inactivity. Now I see people takeing credit for the find. So I decided to make my official topic back to life. There are some FAQs below to clarify the noob questions that I have seen lately and no one seems to answer them correctly.

Bumping Rule: Only BUMP this topic once a day, that is 24 hours, and not a minute earlier. If it already was bumped 24 hours ago, do not bump it. If you are unsure if you should or not bump it, see if the topic is a page behind. If the topic is one page away then go ahead and bump it regardless of 24 hour limit to make it veiwable (not a word).

Q: Can you stack the Health Potaras?
A: No, you cannot stack Health. It will only take the first item that you placed in your inventory. Do not try it. Worthless.

Q: For what Cheat Devices does this work with?
A: As you can probably see, each of the "M" codes have abbrivations and version numbers next to them on which Cheat Device this works. The M code is the only thing you need to worry about putting in correctly. The other codes refer back to the "M" Code. If you used a CB code and have AR, it won't work, that doesn't mean you need to delete all the other codes, just replace the M code with the right Cheat Device.

- = Between Versions
+ = Version or Higher
XP = Unknown
CB = CodeBreaker
GS = GameShark
AR = Action Replay/Action Replay MAX

M XPv4+/CBv6+/GSv3+
902B3D18 0C0ACEEE

M CBv1-5/XPv1-2
F0296038 0029603B

M AR2v2/GS2v2
0E3C7DF2 1456E7A5
F0296038 0029603B

Skip Movies
20297D80 24020001

Max Z Points
206BC668 05F5E0FF

All Characters/Stages/Music
406BA250 00090001
FFFFFFFF 00000000

All Z Items
406BC508 00260001
01010101 00000000

Always Have All 7 Dragon Balls
006B9648 0000007F

Remove Ability Limit
This code will remove the cost limit when equipping Potara Items
406BAE7C 0061000E
00000023 00000000

All Tournament Mode Opened

Must Have This Code On For The Below 4 Codes To Work
20296084 08028000
200a0000 3c020030
200a0004 8c42eb14
200a0008 1040002e
200a0010 24030ca4
200a0014 00621021
200a00c4 03e00008

Infinite Health (Player 1 Character 1)
200a001c 8c430004
200a0020 ac430000

Infinite Ki (Player 1 Character 1)
200a0024 8c430010
200a0028 Ac430004
200a002c 8c430018
200a0030 ac430014
200a0034 ac43001c

Infinite Health (Player 1 Character 2)
200a0038 8c4300a8
200a003c ac4300a4

Infinite Ki (Player 1 Character 2)
200a0040 8c4300b4
200a0044 ac4300b0
200a0048 8c4300bc
200a004c ac4300b8
200a0050 ac4300c0

Press R2 Instant Death (Enemy 1 Character 1)
200a0054 3c030033
200a0058 9063381d
200a005c 240400fd
200a0060 14640018
200a0068 24031600
200a006c 00621021
200a0074 ac400000

Have All Items
C1637E0C 327CCE5F
C60A77CC 3EA1C384
ABE91E36 A46F74B9
C384C0F1 F3B80E28
8C072DB3 40B157FB
- Only use 1 M code.
- Use only the correct M code for your "cheat device".

Slot 1 & 2 - Custom 1
406BAE48 0061000E
0XXX0YYY 00000000

Slot 3 & 4 - Custom 1
406BAE4C 0061000E
0XXX0YYY 00000000

Slot 5 & 6- Custom 1
406BAE50 0061000E
0XXX0YYY 00000000

Slot 7 & 8 - Custom 1
406BAE54 0061000E
0XXX0YYY 00000000
8 years ago#2

YYY - This is the value for the first slot.
XXX - This is the value for the following slot.

0ce - Attack +10
0d8 - Attack +20
0e2 - Attack +30
0ec - Attack +40
0f6 - Attack +50
11a - Defense +10
124 - Defense +20
12e - Defense +30
138 - Defense +40
142 - Defense +50
143 - Strength Enhancement (Increases Health by 30,000)
144 - Strength Reduction (Decreases Health by 30,000)
145 - Blast Clash Weakened (Small) - Effectiveness in clashes lowered
146 - Blast Clash Weakened (Medium) - Effectiveness in clashes lowered
147 - Blast Clash Weakened (Large) - Effectiveness in clashes lowered
148 - Absolutely Invincible Body (All damage reduced to 0)
149 - Go To Hell (Blast 2 and Ultimate Blast 1-hit kills enemy)
14a - Super Mode (Regain Large Amount of Health During Battle)
14b - Extreme Hand to Hand (Striking Power Exceeds Limits)
14c - Extreme Energy Blast (Ki Power Exceeds Limits)
14d - Extreme Blast (Blast Power Exceeds Limits
14e - Extreme Defense (Defense Power Exceeds Limits)
14f - Resistor (Become more powerful on any map)
150 - Super Regeneration Cells (Health recovers very quickly)
151 - Complete Ki Control (Various moves use less Ki)
152 - God of Battle (Gain the power of a God of Battle)
153 - Fierce God (Gain the power of a God of Battle)
154 - Strength Reduction -10k(Decreases Health by 10,000)
155 - Strength Reduction -20k(Decreases Health by 20,000)
156 - Limitbreaker (Gain ability to surpass limits)
157 - Inherited Power (Increases All Stats by 2)

* The 1 Slot per Potara is a permanent code and will remain within you game once saved, there seems to be an address that is saved onto your memory card thus the game thinks all potaras are worth only 1 Slot. There is currently no fix around this. You no longer have to load this code once you saved the game once with the code enabled.

SIDE-NOTE: I am currently unaware of what some of these Red Potaras do exactly, however, if anyone would care to give a Red Potara effect list in detail that would be great. I do know some, so i took the liberty of adding a simplified effect using "/" to what exactly this Potara does.
8 years ago#3
Now I see people takeing credit for the find

If your talking about me Eggman, I never took credit, I stated repeated times I got my codes from another topic.
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8 years ago#4
'takes dusty AR2 V2 off the bookshelf'
Seems you still have some use afterall.

Thank you for the codes!
8 years ago#5
are their codes for the pal version?
8 years ago#6
Thanks for the Codes!!
8 years ago#7
I guess it's time to bump this topic and let mine die.
BT3 tournament -
Juiced highest score on a 12 lab track = +1285 repect.
8 years ago#8
This topic must not fall.
BT3 tournament -
Juiced highest score on a 12 lab track = +1285 repect.
8 years ago#9
Eggman, your infinite ki (player 2) code don't work.

I was cleaning up my memory card last night and deleted my gameshark codes by mistake, so I imputed the codes you have here. Whenever I try to use infinite health (player 2) the game freezes right at the end of the loading screen. Could you please check this code and make sure there is no error's in it, thanks.
BT3 tournament -
Juiced highest score on a 12 lab track = +1285 repect.
8 years ago#10
dude these codes rock! thank you very much for taking the time to do all this, I'm going to have some fun with these.
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