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User Info: malvingt2

9 years ago#1
i'm trying to go online but i'm recieving the error #61010 this happening to anybody else???

User Info: Sarkames

9 years ago#2
I don't even know anymore, The last 7 matches I've had have been against people with 0-0 records like they have top priority for finding in search? <.<

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User Info: Gregory2590

9 years ago#3
It's down here too.

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User Info: malvingt2

9 years ago#4
man i hate atari

User Info: UchihaShinobi

9 years ago#5
same prob here, probably down yes...sigh

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User Info: Snake0736

9 years ago#6
It isn't Atari but Nintendo, go to any wifi board, and you will see that other games are down too.
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User Info: malvingt2

9 years ago#7
ohh i see nintemdo GG

User Info: son_gogetto

9 years ago#8
Just posted about this in another topic, yes i too am getting the 61010 error code. I hope this gets sorted out soon. I can at least hope that this is them fixing Tenkaichi's online. But considering other games are down too i doubt that is likely >_<
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User Info: TITROTU

9 years ago#9
It's down for me too.
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User Info: SonKnuck

9 years ago#10
It's down for me too. I managed to log in for about a few seconds and get a match in ranking. There was NO LAG AT ALL(Could it be...!?)... until I got disconnected and right back to that Error Code 61010
Thanks BSOD! Had to initialize!
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