How do you dive kick?

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DRV_Hawk_Gohan7 posted...
That sounds like the Z Burst Dash Attack, "way above you" would be the Lightning Attack.
But vanishing & reappearing way above... Aside from those 2, I have no other ideas.
The only other idea I have is the Blaster Wave Combo, but that's only a small similarity.

Vanishing & Lightning Attack.
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Oh, I know what you mean now. Since you use the Gamecube Controller as well, I'll just tell you the button commands.

Smash them away (Hold A), and then use the Z-Burst Dash (Z + B while pursuing them). Once you reach behind them, press "Y > Y > A" and you'll do the follow up that the A.I are using on you.
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I did it. Thank you
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