If you need help come here!

#1Babylucky495Posted 1/1/2008 6:08:23 PM
If you need help ask me. I beat the game in a day. So message me or ask on this board. Ill be glad to answer your questions!
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Oh i need help! i have been playing for about a week now. and i have a couple questions. one- i have been caressing my foal and playing with it and making it happy for soo long and i cant train it yet! i just dont know what to do. im wasting all my money on carrots and it doesnt even brings its confedence up, i also clean its stall and wash just about 50 million times a day =(. also im at the Dressage Mexico cometition and i just cant seem to beat it because of the darn paroutte thing, excuse my spelling XD. ive heard that your supposed to draw c's and o's but it only worked one time for me.. and when i seem to get those right i end up getting the drawing shapes or something else wrong..... Also, lol, i have been working with my horses alot and i cant figure out what i have to do to get my horse to be ready to breed with Luc's mare =(..... AND LAST! do you have an idea of how far i am into the game? (im at dressage mexico, and i still havent breed horses yet)

Thanks so much, hope you can help me!


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OKay to get its confidence up you have to carress it ,give it carrots and play,clean,etc. I havent even got there yet. Yet I beat the mission partin a day. You have to get the rope also.

When you do the pirouette you do an O When its pirouette at a canter is a C ( took me a bit to figure it out)

In the booklet it says u have to have like 60% staus or something. I had like almost all of my stars filled in and I bred mine with his mares. You have 2 pick out of 3 mares. I picked the french saddle because its worth more xD (its a dark brown)

Well to get really far in the game u ahve to of done theese things.

Beat the missions,breed a horse,train a foal, get a certificate(if u have imagine animal doc.) and someother things. this is my staus: Tokens: 93819 (save them from competitions and cleaning) Foals:1 Horses:3 Foals bred: 1 Foals sent: 0 Foals recived: 0 Playtime: 17:9:55 I have all the tropheys and no certificates. That should help you :D

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thanks soo much. do you just right the o or c anywear on the screen?
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How do I cure my foal?
#6Babylucky495(Topic Creator)Posted 1/7/2008 10:59:50 AM
to cure the foal you need 2 buy medicine. Or if you have imgaine animal doctor you can send the foal there and treat it.
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Please answer! I need help! i cant figure out how to feed my foal caress it or do anything to it other than feed it carrots...i get to the part where you click on the foal then the center icon of a horse flashes and i click on it, but how do i caress it and stuff...in the library it says to use the stylis to pet it but when i touch the foal it doesnt do anything...he keeps getting sick like more than once a day i need help!
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how do i get mt foal to be able to graze? and make his confidence go up? and it keeps saying i have un locked new tracks, but how do i get to them? and my horse not my foal ho do i get him to have more stars?
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Ok getting confidence up involes caressing and feeding carrots. touch the foals mouth 2 make it eat it.u get 2 graze the foal when you train It i think

#10ZeoRed1983Posted 1/15/2008 3:32:27 PM
I just really dont understand how to train my foal...please help me...u said that i have to get his confidence up but how many carrots do u actually have to feed him??? cuz i have fed him alot of carrots and i think he only has like one star still...Please help me i dont get this and it is driving me crazy....can u explain it in detail please.