Problems with 360 controller

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6 years ago#1
I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the 360 controller problem where the controls are all wonky, i.e., b=a x=b right stick =start and so on. If so, how did you fix it? Thanks, LHG.
"They're teenagers. What do you expect them to do? Pilot Gundams?"~Subtractions, talking about Japanese Teens
6 years ago#2

you are not alone. i'm using wireless 360 controller when suddenly the buttons are mess up. analog won't work, shoot button is start wtf.

6 years ago#3
I see. Anywho, thanks for the info.
"They're teenagers. What do you expect them to do? Pilot Gundams?"~Subtractions, talking about Japanese Teens
6 years ago#4

bump It's a huge problem

6 years ago#5

ahaaha I'm using my PS2 controller... and had the same problem... the buttons were reasigned that way.

I use the xbox360cemu...

I fixed it by relinking the buttons in the configuration. Now it's perfect!

6 years ago#6

I found a 3rd party fix. It was originally made for AC2, but is working for Conviction too.

Download this:

And extract it into your "gamediriectory/src/system" folder.
Then the game should work correctly with the proper button mappings.

I used this to fix my problems with the Official Wireless 360 Controller, and it worked great!

6 years ago#7
Crap, actually the triggers aren't working correctly for me, so you might try the fix I posted above, but it's not going to get you to 100%.
Ubisoft must be daft to screw up something so simple...
6 years ago#8
It's fooking ridiculous, I,m sure a patch will fix this. Tends to be the case just after a games released they either include controller support for the 360 pad or fix a crappy bug such as this. Don't know why they can't forsee this lazy mistake.

They didn't include controller support for Double Agent :S.
6 years ago#9
Used the patch and everything seems to be mapped ok but I can't shoot under cover >:(!
6 years ago#10
Used the Patch for my 360 Wireless Controler... all works great now... however no force feedback. You will also have to download WinRar to unzip this file...

Really, the game says it supports the 360 controller... but it doesn't... really hope they can patch the game so we don't need to hunt forums just to get the game to work. BTW, keyboard and mouse work great but my preference for games such as this are the controler option...

I have played every Splinter Cell game since it's launch and this one has a few bugs... such as leaving your ghost when you get shot sometimes... but I know I will enjoy this one as much as the others.

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