system validation stops conviction from working

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6 years ago#1

hey i dunno if im the only one...

but i preoredered conviction on steam... and as i try to load the game... a system validation screen pops up and then i get conviction_game.exe has stopped working... $65 bucks to deal with this?

6 years ago#2

Are you sure steamunlocks the game today? Cus on my steam page it says on the 30th but maybe its because i live in Europe.

Also in my page they are selling it for 49.99 with the 1st splinter cell free.

6 years ago#3

My steam version is working fine.... my problem is the connection to network every 5-10 seconds in the game... Love that DRM.... I know that is something that will get better.... most people are probably getting the game and playing right now... SH5 was the same way on the first day... now it plays fine with hardly any interuptions... I have just stopped playing rightnow because it is hard to enjoy the storyline when it stops 10-15 times in a 5 minute period....

Thank you Ubi... F'ed up another one....

6 years ago#4
I've been playing it on Steam and the game crashes every 20-30 minutes. Its a huge pain.
6 years ago#5


6 years ago#6
Well, didnt everyone (or at least) someone already told you what kind of problems you are going to run into when you purchase this software with that kind of DRM? I already had my part with AC2, and boy it wasnt pretty. Luckily, the full crack came out and so good bye DRM. That piece of crap needs to go die in a fire.

Hate to be the one that 'told you so', but I would suggest to just wait it out for the crack and for the price to go down for their next PC game (if there are any). Besides you dont have to deal with the stupid DRM, you wont have to pay full price (which is nasty, $60 for PC port?? Come on..).
6 years ago#7
Yeah I've got the sammmme exact problem. But actually sometimes its different and talk about my Drivers...I've updated them, I got an ATI Readon HD 8400 if I recall correctly, and well it crashes every 20-30min also. Very annoying, Is it me or is it steam that **** up?
6 years ago#8

I have the same problem and im not playing by steam.. guess its some driver issue...

6 years ago#9
Alright lemme know if you find something, I just downloaded the latest version of DirectX released in feb. We'll see how it goes.
6 years ago#10
Nop, it didn't help. so no drivers..everything's up to date...still does that poop. any idea ?
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  3. system validation stops conviction from working

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