How can I use and activate the console for pc version cheats an commands ?

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6 years ago#1

I am interested in how to use and activate the in game console for cheats, for the FULL version of the game NOT the demo

version! so can some people who have the newly released game please let me know.

6 years ago#2
I am looking into that right now. I will get back to you.
6 years ago#3

It's the same as for the demo...exactly the same

6 years ago#4
the game too hard for you so you have to use cheats ? -- no other comment -.- ..
6 years ago#5
So far I haven't been able to locate any Console type cheats at all, but I have a true working trainer that works for steam and retain box versions of Arcania G4, for the original unpatched version, which is located at this website:

as for the players whinning about players who ask or use cheats, it is the players choice to do so or not. You haven't any right to be mean or rude to anyone who decides they would like to use cheats.

I only use cheats for 1 thing in any game, and that is to add some extra gold, as I get sick of running out. thats my choice. Please respect that.

As for the above cheat Trainer, I have tested it and it works for the original unpatched version of the game. Unfortunately, as it is the only working trainer that works for both retail/game CD and steam versions, there is a very small fee to pay for it.

you should download the promo version that it tells you to, and press the F1 in the game menu to make sure it says "Activated" then do an Alt-tab and look at the top of the cheat and see if it says Game Found. If it says wrong version, that is because if you have the full game and not the demo, then that is why it will say wrong version.

The price is only $3.95 USD, which is a pretty good price, or you can get the unlimited members one from a website that this forum wont allow me to post, so simple do s search for trainers, and you should get it 1st at the top, but you will need unlimited, which costs money to become an unlimited download member. Simply put, i believe paying for the version I stated above, is the best go, well for now anyway. good Luck and have Fun.
6 years ago#6
Gamecopyworld has a +11 trainer that gives unlimited gold, health, mana, stamina, experience, etc.

Never pay for trainers.
6 years ago#7
In the cheat console, you don't type in cheats, rather there's 3 tabs with options in each that you double-click on to activate that particular option.
6 years ago#8
GeorgeKI could you tell us how you open your cheat console? Thanks.
6 years ago#9
The file you need to add to is the Input.xml, usually in the My document\Arcania - Gothic 4 directory. open the input.xml with windows wordpad.

The last few lines will look like this

<Input command="loot all">
<Key code="18" />
<Activation type="first active" />
<Input command="cheat menu">
<Key code="41" />
<Activation type="first active" />

lines 5, 6, 7, and 8 are what you add. then save it.

in game hit the `/~ key. the second tab is what you want to open. double click a cheat to activate it.
to exit the console, right click an open area of the screen.
6 years ago#10
Well I done what you said and it works, although it doesn't really give you much cheats to work with. Mostly for exp and level etc.

I was hoping there may have been something that would help me to locate or get all the Ancient Relics, beliar Relics etc, and I am having real hard trouble finding certain relics, such as beliar's and Shards. I cannot find anywhere that has any maps that provide locations of where you can find any of these relics, or even a post that tells you where the locations are.

If anyone knows please tell me please. Thanks.
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