Ticah is a Bard?

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User Info: PsychicRutabaga

8 years ago#1
I've been using Ticah in my party, and it is obvious that she isn't just an archer but is also a bard who "sings" various buffer spells. I'm just wondering if anybody knows what all the songs are and what they do?

"Sing a song of energy" - Assume this is either a speed or strength boost, or could it replenish SP?
"Sing a song of wisdom" - Magical power buff?

I think she sings one more, but it is sometimes hard to hear above the sounds of battle. Anyhow, I'm finding her to be a little more useful than Ayn, as Reiha has a higher water spell level in my game and can heal better too. Besides, Ticah's little songs are just too cute.
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User Info: UltimaPi

8 years ago#2
Energy heals you for 500 HP.

I don't quite recall what Courage or Wisdom do, but it should be some kind of stat buff. To which stat I don't know, but I didn't like Ticah at all to begin with.
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User Info: SocialNeku

8 years ago#3
Is Im ok:

Wisdom = Defense buff
Courage = Power Buff

In the upper screen :

Orange Note : Defense
Red Note: Attack

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