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7 years ago#1
Hey I think I found out a cheat for infinite money.....If you guys already know it then please hesitate to complain about it. But anyway, I put in the UNLOCKALLTHINGS code and it did just unlocked everything...including a red acura(i think it was an acura) But what was surprising was that I could buy the car for $0.00! So I "bought" the car and decided to see if it was worth anything..It was worth 7G's! I sold it and purchased another one...and sold it...I repeated until I had about 1.5 million dollars...God I have every car I ever wanted....2 ford gt's ...a mercialago....a 350 Z (dont laugh...I like tht car) 2 Pagani Zonda's....A Chevelle.(I like tht car too)
7 years ago#2
yeh sorry thats old
7 years ago#3
The Zonda glitch is more than 40x faster, but takes real cash. $2.99 IIRC, maybe $1.99
7 years ago#4
BTW I have 30some all stage 4 cars, including 4 zondas, 3 murcielagos, 4 GT's, 4 NSX's, 4 vipers, 4 corvettes, 4 lotus... etc. All are solid stage 4.
7 years ago#5
I posted these early in the board here, after looking to see if there was a comment on such.Thanks for the heads up though and trying to help with the
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