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9 years ago#1
Post what you think is the best car for the race type you choose. Try not to post the Zonda because it's incredible at everything. I also know the RX-8 is arguably the best in drift and the Charger is the best for drag races in my opinion.
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9 years ago#2
The problem with this topic is that, essentially, ANY car could be the best at something. It would probably be better to say, "What cars do you use and find to work the best?"

For example... The Dodge Charger PWNs at drag races... But when I recently tried to convert it into a drift car... It wasn't prettty...

Now for my 4:
-Grip: I feel the Porche 911 Turbo is the best. This category is dominated by AWD cars, and the Porche just happens to be one of the more powerful ones, with a ridiculous top speed.
Runner Up: GT-R R35. Great car, but has a little less power, and it feels less fluid, although some tunign could change that.
-Drag: Charger R/T... Well... I got a 1380 foot wheelie... and my fastest 1/4 mile was 7.6... But I'm sure there's some better cars.
Runner up: Viper... This is the only other car that's been sucessful in my tests... Puts up comperable numbers to the charger.
-Drift: Viper... I am horrible at drift. Somehow, the viper makes up for that. That's why it earned the place here...
Runner up: I'm currently testing for new cars... Any ideas?
-Speed: N/A... I currently don't have a speed car. Maybe because i hate the event. But i simply cannot find a decent speed car to use. The last few that I made were... Not pretty...
9 years ago#3
personally i don tlike the zonda. i think it is ugly and cheap. i bought a 911 turbo for the speed challenges (btw it rocks) it had about 600 horsepower and PWNED a zonda with over a 1000 horses by about 15 sec. with the zonda once you get your hands on a free car slip or 710,000 dollars you can win just about ANY race you enter with the zonda. thats why i dont like it i want a challenge. i know the zonda is good and accept that i just dont like it
9 years ago#4
Drift = RX-7 (You'll probably make it your main because it PWNS in drift.) I know the Zonda is cheap. I said so in the topic message, yet I still use it. As for speed challenge I currently use a Viper. It's pretty good actually, but I'm looking for something a little better.
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9 years ago#5

okay this is my opinion the best cars for the categories and I din not include the Zonda for I do not own it so I can not tell you how it is. These are the cars I used to take down the Kings easily

Drift- RX-8 (w/all stage 3) consistent 7000+ actually had a 8500 with it already, other geat cars are the RX-7, and AE86

Speed- I used the GT-R 35(w/all 3 upgrades), other great cars are the 911 Turbo

Grip- I used a GT-R 35 Proto (w/all 3 upgrades), other great cars are the Viper, 911 Turbo, and basically any car you are comfortable driving with

Drag- I used a Viper (w/all 3 upgrades) pulled a 7.7, other great cars are the Corvette C6, Charger, and any other muscle cars (AWD cars even though they are powerful do notput the numbers down at all so stay clear of them)

*** with evey car I used I went into the tuning screen and went to the second option for the induction and turned my turbo start and finish all the way up to get the greatest HP out of my cars.

I hope this helps you out a bit in the beating and dominating of this game and Good luck to all. Once again these are just my opinions.

9 years ago#6
i really hate the zonda i mean its a good car but once it hits 200 in a speed challenge its impossible to control so these are wut i use

grip- ford gt wich pwns easily
drag- charger i figured how to tune it good so now i can get mid 10s for 1/2 miles
drift-corvette which works better for me than the RX7
speed- i sold my crappy zonda for viper and it is way easier to control
9 years ago#7
I gotta, say, the 350Z has got to be the best car out there. 1300 average on wheelies (tuned right) and 7.5second quarter mile easily
9 years ago#8
Oops, forgot to add that I was talkin bout drag with the 350Z. It also tunes to top out at 245, and all this is with stage 3
9 years ago#9

How can you get a charger to do 10's My best is 11.01 and has any1 got a 6 second 1/4 mile?

BTW Charger is the best dragster

9 years ago#10
From Slothman060 Posted 12/9/2007 10:58:27 PM

How can you get a charger to do 10's My best is 11.01 and has any1 got a 6 second 1/4 mile?

BTW Charger is the best dragster

Yes, I have with the Zonda.
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