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8 years ago#1
I am the newbie for this prostreet. And I having trouble to perform the wheelie drag race. So,can anyone tell me the right car to perform wheelie and how to do that. Thank's a lot. Any way....BRAVO ARSENAL !!!
8 years ago#2
look through the old threads, and you'll find a setup for a Camaro SS that'll make you wheelie the entire track.
8 years ago#3
^^^Yea, what they said^^^
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8 years ago#4
This is just weird. I've got a Zonda with 1,062 bhp @ 6,750 rpm and still I cannot perform a wheelie. Nowhere on the internet says which exact buttons to press and when when performing a wheelie. Can someone help?
8 years ago#5
You don't push a button to perform a wheelie, you need to have the right setup for the car.
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8 years ago#6
I've got zonda to.I still have no idea why my zonda can't perform wheelie.But I'll try
install the 4th suspension package.If you don't have any 4th package performance upgrade,just insert "unlockallthings" to the code entry.Than you'll have it...(4th performance upgrade).Let's try...

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8 years ago#7

all you basically need is

lots of power

and lvl 3 or even 4 suspension

8 years ago#8
^ A FR or a MR drivetrain configuration as well. Level 3 suspension helps in keeping the car straight during wheelies (as some users have claimed). Most guys complain (including myself) about the unintentional swerving of your car while it's on 2 wheels.

As stressed earlier, a proper car setup. A sub 600-bhp Chevelle can pop a near-track length wheelie.

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