Best Racing Game on DS?

#10m3n_13Posted 11/1/2010 12:11:55 AM
Much Better than Indianapolis 500 Legends, GRID, Urban Asphalt, the other NFS games for DS... should I go on?

Based on Gameplay, Graphics, Concepts, and IMO.

Only downfall is the degree of difficulty of the Hydrolics challenges. The Spinning, The Precision, The Headaches! I would have 100% in this game, if I could mastered the remaining 3 hydrolics challenges (haven't had a problem with the rest of the racedays)!

Any one else wanna suggest something better? Would be glad to try it!!!
#20m3n_13(Topic Creator)Posted 11/10/2010 7:49:56 AM
hrrm... 1 of 2 posibilities:

1) Noone else likes this game in the entire world but me.

2) Everyone in the entire world loves this game so much they haven't got time to be looking at GameFaqs boards.

I reakon... it's the second option :)