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Here is the "How to" for cheating the save system (Archived)obishawn15/27/2012
New to the game, cheating the save system? (Archived)pTrillz18/22/2011
List of ways Dementium can drive you crazy (Archived)
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Dementium Fans: Vote for a New Renegade Kid DSiWare Release (Archived)sykotek112/15/2010
This is one of the only games that has creeped me out. (Archived)KoiNoDensetsu111/25/2010
Is there any way to cheat the cheap save system, or do I need to import it? (Archived)Zora_Prince17/17/2010
That little girl's song (Archived)Azure4289356/7/2010
Refresher run through (Archived)obishawn14/18/2010
Laughably flawed game. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Soooo.... (Archived)Omega18922/8/2010
Got this game last night... (Archived)Dragard_Kaos31/31/2010
~20 minutes into my first playthrough and I had to shut this game off... (Archived)
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For Arabian fans only (Archived)Vincent_Vincent31/9/2010
Really good game (Archived)StJimmy7711/9/2010
did the story make any sence? (Archived)wolfofeden99/17/2009
In chapter 13 what did the news report say? (Archived)483paul28/3/2009
Shotgun code meaning?? (Archived)probotector948/3/2009
What else did this game remind you of? (Archived)Mlwy4537/28/2009
Flashlight glitch? (Archived)houghmanady47/24/2009
For those of you wanting the Euro version instead of the US version, read this.. (Archived)obishawn37/22/2009
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