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7 years ago#1
I just stumbled across this game at my local game store, by fluke. Saw it quite cheap so i picked it up. Is anyone here still playing this game?
7 years ago#2
maybe not, although it's now pretty common (and cheap) lately. the game is OK, but it has some issues. monsters level up with you, and respawn (!), so if you warp out of an area or need to go back and do something you missed, you're facing stronger monsters in the same places as they were before. this gets old fast. also, once you get to a certain area in the game, it gets confusing finding out what to do thanks to the map layout and general lack of people giving you direction.

on an aesthetic front, it's ok looking (looks like a decent ps1 game), but if you watch the demo movie, it shows footage from the PC game! anyway, the art galleries are nice, the main screen is a bit ugly (sorry, those drawings are kind of awful) and overall, the game is easy to get into, but tough when you get swarmed by beasties. i did like the interesting skills system, there are some powerful spells/attacks and as a score, i'd give it maybe a 7/10 for trying hard to do something a tiny bit different with the hack & slash format.

at least the game is a hell of a lot more stable than the pc version. you get some long load times on the psp, but silverfall for the PC was/is notorious for being tough to install (and on some pc's the HUGE 10gb install took over an hour... then you had to dl a 100mb patch!).

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7 years ago#3
Thanx for the info buddy.
Im not that far in yet, but i do like it so far. For some odd reason i always end up liking the obscure, underscored games...
Anyway i havent gotten past the first level yet, so i comment too much. I'll play a bit more and post back soon.
7 years ago#4
i definitely enjoyed the game until i got to about level 49 or 50. the sky city area can get a bit confusing in addition to the huge beasties that make navigating this area hellish. i'm a huge fan of obscure/underrated games myself, but i can see why this got passed on for a US release. still, it's worth playing through just to see each new map and the assorted creatures.

one thing: you'll find yourself playing very cautiously as the game goes on so you don't get mobbed by spells, spears and other flying stuff, that's for sure!

in a way, it sort of reminded me of the roots: gates of chaos for the n-gage. that was a pretty quirky action rpg (one of a few decent ones on the system) that took a bit of getting used to, but it actually got better as you played it.

"....What is the armament of the Lollipop?"
7 years ago#5
Thanx mate. I'll keep all that in mind.
What other hidden RPG gems have u played?
7 years ago#6
i'll post a short list later when i'm at home. i've been playing quite a few psp, ds and free pc rpgs (single player non-mmo!) lately (lost legends is pretty awesome

"....What is the armament of the Lollipop?"
7 years ago#7
here's a short list of what i've played (PSP & DS) - ia have about 70-80 psp games 9down from about 110 and around 30 or so DS games (down from about 70) as for rpgs:

bounty hounds
warriors of the lost empire
neverland card battles
kingdom of paradise
monster hunter freedom
jeanne d'arc
dungeon explorer
blade dancer
legend of heroes 1-3
valhalla knights 1-2
astonishia story
neopets: petpet adventures
generation of chaos
marvel ultimate alliance
x-men legends II
justice league heroes
alien syndrome
puzzle quest
rengoku II
dungeon siege: throne of agony
ultima: the black gate (on ea replay)
y's the ark of napishtim
untold legends I-II
tales of the world
powder (homebrew rogue-like rpg)

mazes of fate DS
puzzle quest
etrian odyssey I-II
orcs & elves
lost labyrinth
eragon (gba & ds - both different games)
front mission
mystery dungeon - shiren the wanderer
teenage zombies (adventure/action)
gae of empires (turn-based strategy)
panzer tactics ds

mazes of fate
baldur's gate: dark alliance
phantasy star collection
lunar legend
golden sun
cima: the enemy
onimusha tactics
tactics ogre
tales of phantasia
car battler joe
juka & the monophonic menace (adventure game)
back to stone (action, not quite a rpg)
mech platoon (rts)

a bunch more - i'm doing this off the top of my head...
"....What is the armament of the Lollipop?"
7 years ago#8
Cool, u have alot. U really love your RPGs.
I gotta stock up on more.
I just bought Dungeon Maker off ebay cheap. I heard it unique. Usual Hack n slash gamplay, but build you own dungeons to lure in monsters. I hope its good. It looks interesting.

Im getting quite far in Silverfall. I know what u mean by enemies level up with you. Heck, even boxes/crates HP are getting leveled up, lol
7 years ago#9
dungeon maker is cool - i played a bit a while back, but finally got around to ordering a copy a few days ago. brave story is also fun, if you've never played it.

the one cool thing about silverfall is you can blow through entire sections of the game once you get rolling - new areas are always fun to explore for hidden stuff. of course, once you warp to a new/old location or backtrack to a previous town/location, everything resets itself to your current level. yup, it's a decent idea of keeping the game challenging (valhalla knights II does this very slightly in some areas). but it becomes ridiculous if you need to go back to town to restock or whatever and need to head back to a previous dungeon and fight the same (but harder) enemies all over again.

i was playing the pc version for a bit, but it's so darn buggy (even with the patch, a few issues remain) that i ended up uninstalling it. of course, the expansion looks tempting, but i'm going to have to upgrade my pc again and wait 'til the price drops a bit.

"....What is the armament of the Lollipop?"
7 years ago#10
Yeah ive got Brave story also, but i havent played it yet.
I've been buying alot of games incase they become hard to find later.
Yeah Silverfall is good. Most of what u say is true, as i've stumbled across nearly all of what u said.
I wanna play Astonishia story next. I heard it was really bad lol. I wanna see for myself.
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