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8 years ago#1
There will be moments where you'll have something that is seemingly useless crap sitting in your bag, encumbering you and generally being seen as nothing more than mere merchant trader trash to sell off. Well, whether or not you know it, that seemingly useless lawnmower blade you just sold is part of a recipe for a custom weapon, and there's no telling when you'll find that item again.

To avoid this kind of situation, I've decided to list a few of the recipes I've discovered so far, and to put them up here. Keep in mind, you cannot actually build these weapons without two very important things. First, you need the actual schematic, which you can either earn as quest rewards, buy from a merchant, or if you're really lucky, find while sifting through a locked something or other. Second, you'll need a workbench, and good luck finding one. I think there's one in the town near the vault, but I don't remember anymore, since I use the one in the apartment I own.

So long as you have these two things, you can build any which one of the custom weapons you have schematics for, provided you have the proper materials. This is by far not a complete list, as it's only of what I've found so far.

Nuka Grenade -
Tin Can
Abraxo Cleaner
1 x Nuka Cola Quantum

A potent cocktail of carbonation and detonation, the Nuka Grenade makes plasma look like a bubble bath. Makes one grenade.

Railway Rifle -
Steam Gauge Assembly
Fission Battery
Pressure Cooker

Firing the railway spikes that can be found in industrial sites or train stations, the Railway Rifle can stop targets in their tracks and pin their limbs to the wall. Uses Railway Spikes for ammo.

Deathclaw Gauntlet -
Leather Belt
Medical Brace
Deathclaw Hand

With this weapon, your unarmed attacks will have the ferocity and armor-shredding power of the Deathclaws. Provided you can survive long enough to take of their hands, of course.

Rock-It Launcher -
Vacuum Cleaner
Leaf Blower
Firehose Nozzle

The Rock-It Launcher isn't the most accurate big gun, but as long as you've got crap lying around, you've got ammo. Load the hopper up with garbage and turn your junk into ordinance.

Bottlecap Mine -
Cherry Bomb
Sensor Module
10x Bottlecaps

A cheap and easy DIY explosive, the Bottlecap Mine packs a suprising kick, so stand back!
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8 years ago#2
thanks :D very handy
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8 years ago#3
bump, will add a few new recipes shortly
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8 years ago#4
Shishkebab -
Motorcycle Gas Tank
Pilot Light
Lawnmower Blade
Motorcycle Handbrake

When ignited and used properly, the Shishkebab provides two important functions in a melee: slashing and burning.
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8 years ago#5
ah i cant wait for this to come out, will surely ruin my degree, oh well lol
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8 years ago#6
bump, sticky plz for reference
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8 years ago#7
Kag, In North America, it came out today
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8 years ago#8
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8 years ago#9
Also keep in mind, if you happen across a second schematic after you've already learned it, you'll learn a version 2.0 of that weapon. It may confer certain bonuses, such as extra damage or, in the case of the lunchbox mine, making two for the price of one.
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8 years ago#10
Where do you get these recipes? I have Bottlecap Mine and the Shishkebab, and know where to get the Rock-It launcher, but I would have to have the railway rifle (or whatever it is called).
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