Locations of all of the Bobbleheads & Skill Books....

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8 years ago#161
sticky requested
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8 years ago#162
re: thehippkid

I'm doing the same thing! So far, I only have the Bobbleheads and skill books. Same for me, my idea was to be able to sort by item type, or by location, then go from there. I usually keep mine on location, so when I enter an area, I look at the spreadsheet so I know what to get before I leave.

I didn't think of doing the Quantums.
8 years ago#163
Sticky requested and thanks.
8 years ago#164
Why is everyone praising this guy? There are tons of faqs already on skill books. How do you know he didn't just copy those?
8 years ago#165
It is easier to use than the wiki because it has them all together. You can just CTRL+F on here.

The Wiki is useful if you go to the area you are in and look at notable loot though. If someone made a list of all the loot in every area i a list form that would be great too, but it would take a long time to go through it all and copy it all.

If someone is doing that just use the wiki and grab it all.
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8 years ago#166
8 years ago#167
This is pretty good, if you make this into an FAQ, It would be good, and there's also good stuff on the wiki too.
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8 years ago#168
If you blew Megaton up, can you still get the Strength Bobble head that you find in Sheriff Sim's house?
8 years ago#169
Awesome new video check out high quality http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewh5oA5CMHU
8 years ago#170
Any chance of getting some more detailed descriptions of the "Jackknifed Trucks", like has been done with a couple of them (4 that I saw in this thread)? I think there were 3 or 4 more Jackknifed Trucks that don't have a detailed description in regards to their location.
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