What's the best character build / skill set?

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8 years ago#1
I just got this game and I don't know what to pick. Are there any guides?
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8 years ago#2
I can give you tips but what kind of character do you want to be? It would be stupid to recommend melee perks and stats for someone that will use a lot of guns.
8 years ago#3
That depends on what you want to do. Give me an idea of what type of character you want to make and I and everyone else here could actually give you advice. Without some kind of idea, we can only tell you how we like to play, not how you'd like to.
8 years ago#4
Is it easy to aim in this game? I always had troubles with FPS on consoles...
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8 years ago#5
Eh... not really. However, VATS totally makes up for that and is wonderful.
8 years ago#6
If you have problems accuracy in normal FPS, than VATS will be your best friend. I suggest having a high agility score so you can use VATS more often. A few good perks to take would be Commando at level 8, Sniper at level 12, and Action Boy at level 16.

These will help you hit your targets and give you more attacks when using VATS.
8 years ago#7
So what's the best SPECIAL / Tags for VATS-Gunner?
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8 years ago#8
VATS gunner? Stealthy or not?

Either way, for SPECIAL, I like this:

Strength: 1
Strength adds marginal melee damage and a tiny amount of carrying capacity. If you use big guns, get it to 5 for the Strong Back perk (meaning start at 3 or 4). Otherwise, you can ignore it entirely. The bobblehead and the Ant's Might perk will give you an extra 2 points, by the way, and are really easy to get.

Perception: 9
Having perception this high lets you sense things before they can even see you. Does it ever need to be this high? Not really, but you literally have nothing better to spend the points on.

Endurance: 5
Qualifies you for Toughness. That's really it. Health isn't a big deal and so you could stick this at 4 and just go grab the bobblehead quickly.

Charisma: 1
If you want to use the Speech skill, bring this up to around 4 or 5. Otherwise, you don't ever need a point in this.

Intelligence: 9
Grab the bobblehead from Rivet City before reaching level 3.

Agility: 9
Adds a tiny amount of action points. However, like perception, I make this so high simply because there's nothing better to put the points into.

Luck: 6
Make it 8 if you plan to use power armor. Otherwise, Bobblehead+Lucky 8-Ball+Lucky Shades+Ranger Battle Armor = an additional 4 Luck, which maxes you out at 10.

Obviously many people would strongly disagree with me, especially on the matter of low strength and high perception. However, from my experience, carrying capacity never needs to be high anyway for most character (big gun users will need Strong Back, though). Take this advice with a grain of salt, but I hope it helps, and I have at least given my reasons for each score (well, except for intelligence, but I figure it's obvious why that should be so high).
8 years ago#9
You won't be able to wear power armor with a setup like that.
8 years ago#10
Yeah, just the armour itself would take up half your capacity, and then you'd only be able to carry a couple of weapons, and no loot. I recommend having Strength at 4 or 5 from the start.
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