National Guard depot - Small guns bobblehead.

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8 years ago#1
The Guide places this thing in the armory there.
While I can see the entrance to the armory on my map (it's in the center of the west wall) I have no idea how to get there.

There is however a door at the basement level, lock "very hard" and gives you the "opened elsewhere' message when examined..
I'm guessing this will lead to it..

Anyone have a clue how to open this thing?
Or is it later in the main story kinda stuff?

-Proud pastafarian and pirate-
8 years ago#2
just continue through the depot and explore and eventually you will find a switch...

there are A LOT of robots though...
8 years ago#3
thats the door. look for breaker box straight across from door that leads into depot from offices on upper level. when you trip switch you'll see lights flashing downstirs and can hop down so no backtracking
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8 years ago#4
Héh, guess that colours me daft.
I trecked through the depot a few times, posting here in frustration now.

But thanks, at least I know more or less what I'm looking for.
Any visual hints that'll make finding it easier?
If you recall where this switch is or what it looks like, it'll help a lot..

I'm horrid at finding things like this.
You know that person that gets stuck in a game for days because they can't figure out where to go next? Through that door that's only slightly in the dark and hard to see?

Yeah, that person is me :3.

-Proud pastafarian and pirate-
8 years ago#5
Aah, Dsolomon posted even before I did.
Thank you very much!

Also.. wow, this board is busy :3

-Proud pastafarian and pirate-
8 years ago#6
ok after you go all the way through the base, you come out in a small room on the top floor - from there you can jump back down right back to where you started.

well after you exit the door and come out into that room, BEFORE you jump back down, there should be a switch on one of the walls

and just so you dont come back here asking again:
once you get down into the armory, there will be ANOTHER locked door. all that is inside this is a Fatman that can fire 8 nukes at once .personally its not worth it IMO - there is pretty much no place in the game that would warrant 8 nukes at once, plus in order to get this door open you need to find 5 hidden things (forgot their name) that are scattered throughout the capital wasteland. so yeah its not a big deal just ignore it.
8 years ago#7
Yup, I left my gamesave there, since I thought it odd it would just take that much trouble to get to a featureless bit of room whre you couldn't climb up to through any normal means.


Reloaded and found it.
Very typical Finstuff.

-Proud pastafarian and pirate-
8 years ago#8
and yeah, you ever play oblivion? one of the random oblivion gate worlds (random world 7) gave me a lot of trouble like this, and im sure it would have you stumped for days. there is a hidden door you need to go through in a rockwall and it blends in perfectly, and to add salt to the wound - the door doesnt show up on the local world map, so yeah, it was a pain in the arse.

but good luck in your future adventures.
8 years ago#9
Thanks Sten, for additional info and a very detailed walk-me-through that.. really..
I shouldn't need if I could find my way out of a wet cardboard box.

-Proud pastafarian and pirate-
8 years ago#10
Lol, Oblivion was hell for me.
I know *just* the world you're talking about too.

I even went water walkin on lava there hoping there was an 'island' I was missing somewhere XD.

So uhm.. yeah.

-Proud pastafarian and pirate-
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