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8 years ago#1
Sorry if this has been posted before...

Anyway, I finally ventured in and cleared the entire place (I'm pretty sure anyway). I found medical supplies and a couple of skill books, that's it (also ammo but that's obvious). I'm just curious if theres anything special in there, a gun maybe, or a quest related to it or something, cause I really feel like I wasted my time and my stimpaks going through it.
8 years ago#2
I don't know for sure but it's possible...the same thing happened to me going through the Talon Company Merc base, there was some ammo, medical supplies and guns, but nothing special.
8 years ago#3
That's what pretty much every area of the game is -.- it's just for exploring and that it's a national landmark. If the White House was intact in this game and had nothing in it whatsoever I'd still explore it.

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8 years ago#4
Darn...I mean I enjoyed but I had hoped to get some kind of reward. Thanks.
8 years ago#5
I really enjoyed the capitol building it was such a War Zone, it was alot of fun killing everyone inside and there were a few Enclave soldiers and a Deathclaw waiting for me outside the building after. I massacred them, soon as they attacked. with my Plasma Rifle. I love my Plasma weapons! Turning ppl into green goo ftw ^^, It always amazed me how you can loot their weapons and armor if they are Goo.
8 years ago#6
I wandered in trying to go to Rivet City with like 9 Stimpaks and had to stealth my way through. No encounters on the outside though. I also got to watch the Talon Mercs nuke a behemoth with a Fat Man :D.
8 years ago#7
I was wondering the same thing about this place. This place and a lot of other places too actually. I feel the same way as the TC, its kinda fun clearing this place out but at least have SOMETHING in here other than like a skill book. I mean I'm rich and have no use for bottle caps but even I would have appreciated a box at the end of the building with 500 bottle caps in it or something. Or maybe a crappy hat with a unique name that I will never wear. Just something that signals a job well done.

At least this place had monsters you get good loot from. Not long after barely starting the game I end up helping Arefu and I get this map location of shale bridge from a villager as if it was a reward. So I explore it, but there's nothing inside but ants and a super large boss ant. lol as a low level that place was really hard to clear out and I used up a lot of supplies. Was there anything inside there? Nope. I felt so ripped off :/.
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8 years ago#8
the only place where ive actually found anything special so far is in the history musuem where you go to the lincoln's presidency era. You can find a nice gun called the lincoln's repeater. Not a minigun but a rifle thats dead accurate and really strong. The only problem is that it uses magnum bullets, and those can be hard to come by.
8 years ago#9
Don't forget the national archives folks. DOI, Bill of Rights, Wiggy Bot...
8 years ago#10
You do get a fatman in the capitol building and there are only 8 or 9 of them and also you get to kill a behemoth and there are only 5 of those I think in the game.

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