Will a fallout 3 save work on fallout 3 goty edition?

#1ToasterStrudeIPosted 1/13/2011 8:17:31 AM
#2ryan0991Posted 1/13/2011 6:42:16 PM
I'm pretty sure it will.
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#3CutterDeBlancPosted 1/14/2011 1:57:38 AM
It will, but from what I understand the file is much more unstable.

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#4enjoiable34Posted 1/18/2011 5:57:17 PM
what do you mean unstable? like easily corruptible cuz im gonna get the goty edition now that its only 30 bucks and don't have the dlc
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#5CutterDeBlancPosted 1/18/2011 10:16:15 PM
Like more prone to freezing and stuff. I don't know first hand though, but I've heard the game runs more smoothly if you start a new game.

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#6zt1903Posted 2/7/2011 9:54:04 AM
My FO3 save works just fine on GOTY edition. Am at level 25 having completed all original side quests and have just left the enclave on the home stretch of the main quest. Have yet to do any of the DLC but have not had any noticeable clutching/instability in my game.
#7bobbird3Posted 2/7/2011 11:42:42 AM

I have just about finished the game and wish I got GOTY edition. (New to gaming & didn't realise there was add-ons)

If I get GOTY, does anyone know how far back in the game I have to start? I do have a saved game on every level.


#8ApastronPosted 2/7/2011 12:24:45 PM

You can load the save on the GOTY edition from exactly where you were on the original disc. It may lag like a trooper for the first few minutes as it loads the add-ons.

You have to keep using the GOTY edition disc though, as the add-ons are notinstalled on the hard drive. I'm not sure what will happen if you use the normal Fallout 3 disc when you're in the Capital Wasteland, but if you're in an expansion at the time you'll end up back where you last saved it in the wasteland.