Just bought the GOTY edition. complete noob to this, questions about dlc

#1hazeyvillePosted 4/24/2012 6:12:36 PM
I picked up Skyrim 3 weeks ago on reading that the patch had fixed the save size problem and I'm enjoying the game a lot. I tell myself I'll play for 30 minutes in which I play for 3-4 hours straight. I stopped playing Rpgs after Xenosaga except for the Zelda series. I bought DeadIsland and enjoyed it so much. I read that Dead Island took gameplay elements from Fallout so when Skyrim came out, I had my eye on it. I bought Fallout 3 today because I'm impressed with Skyrim so much, my questions are, the dlc; when should I play those exactly? Do any of the dlc change the ending for the game? And if anyone wants to throw in some tips or advice, thank you in advance
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I won't spoil anything for you, but I will tell you this:
I love zelda games, and I picked up GOTY for £6.00 and it is worth it. The DLC's are:
Operation: anchorage
Broken steel
The pitt
Point lookout
Mothership zeta
Now, which should you play first? I recommend doing anchorage and zeta not too long after you leave the vault. NOTE: when doing zeta, don't bring much, if anything at all with you, or you won't have space for loot.
I recommend you do the pitt when you have some good guns, and you're at about level 15-20
Broken steel is done straight after the main story, like I said, not spoiling it here. Broken steel also puts your level cap at 30 (Was previously 20)
Point lookout should be done when you're max level, and are all powered up with overpowered guns.
Do broken steel before your file size gets to 10 mb, people say it is unplayable otherwise.
Sadly, on PS3, this GOTY edition will eventually get laggy and freeze often, but if you aren't easily frustrated like me, restarting the PS3 will do the trick. Also, when restarting, do NOT just pull out the cable, hit the green button, let ol' playstation think about what he's done, or he'll possibly break down altogether.
It is recommended that you don't do all DLC's on one profile too.
I recommend reading a character build FAQ here if you want a powerful character. Of course, it's your game, don't let some guy on the internet tell you what to do, have fun with fallout 3. I'm not finished yet, and this game is tons of fun still.
One last thing: you might dislike FO3 at first, but keep playing. It'll get fun later, I promise.
Also, sorry for the iphone-typed wall of text.
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they make the game different, adding a ton of weapons but also a tonal change. if you plan on playing more than one character, then the first time maybe stick with the story and exploration to experience the original game once.

after the main quest is done go right into the broken steel because that one causes major lagging if your save file is too big. BS continues the story after the main ending credits, no matter what outcome your story has.

mothership zeta: will make your energy weapon op. it's kind of boring and repetitious and will practically make all other weapons obsolete. not real fun, mostly due to insane length.

operation alaska: i like this one, although it is a bit repetitive too. the arsenal you get here is awesome, although OP again. i liked switching to all out action for once, a nice change of pace. there is also a way to glitch and get even more ridiculous weapons if you need to

the pitt: i really like this one. new city and a good expansion (the main game gives hints about it with the slavers, then you get to go). weapons are decent, nothing crazy. i really liked the pitt, even though it doesn't add much to the game it feels very fallout.

point lookout: i'm so so on this one. on the one hand it feels the most like the main game of FO3, adds a nice new locale and some crazy hard mutants to kill. but i can't quite place my finger on it, i just didn't love this expansion as much as pitt, BS or alaska.
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btw, the best thing you can do if lag gets bad is to uninstall the game data and then let it reinstall before playing. if you play a game while it is installing your game will lag, it happens in the background as you play. it's like a lag reset or something, dunno.
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Thanks to both of you, I wasn't aware that the lag had not been fixed for this game so I will def take that into account and will def play the dlc accordingly. I played the game until I was out of the vault. I looked around for about 2 minutes until I saved and quit. I am impressed.
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Okay, I have now finished broken steel, my file size was at 9-10 Mb at the start. There were a few lag hiccups along the way, but they lasted 10-15 seconds max. BUT on the final mission, I had a MEGA lag spike, and it lasted some time. I got annoyed, and then I reloaded the game. Ran smoothly.
Here are some lag tips:
1. If it appears your game has frozen, WAIT. It could be a small temporary freeze, but it's actually not frozen, although a lot of the time it's a solid freeze.
2. Try not to do all DLC's in one profile, unless you really want to. I'm trying it to see how it is, I've only got point lookout left.
And it is ok, although there are some laggy spots i'll point out; mothership zeta, the bridge. Alien bodies stay there forever. Rivet city fast travel area, uptown in the pitt, and the last objective in anchorage (I did anchorage quite late, about level 20 or so.) Open areas aswell.
3. If the framerate is going slug-speed, look down into the ground, this'll help.
4. Do anchorage and zeta soon after you leave the vault, don't leave anchorage until later, and i dunno about zeta. Do broken steel at 10mb being the latest. I did the pitt today, kinda short. I was at level 28-29. The only lag was in uptown, save was 12mb. Sorry for another wall of text.
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#7squiggy9996999Posted 4/26/2012 12:02:35 PM
^ all good tips.

that damned airforce base lol. you would think a small map completely independent of the main game would run smoother, not worse.
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Well in fairness, its densely populated by enemies.
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