Dogmeat seems to have infinite health for me... glitch?

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6 years ago#1
seriously... i play on normal to hard difficulties and I've NEVER seen Dogmeat anywhere NEAR even HALF health... i even let him go 1 on 1 with a Deathclaw and still near full health... tried it again with a Super Mutant Overlord and still... almost no health decline... i'm not complaining... because this is awesome... but is it some glitch my GOTY edition has or something?
6 years ago#2
Broken Steel makes all the creature followers (Dogmeat, Fawkes, RL-3) nearly unkillable. They aren't completely invincible per se, just have tons of life.
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6 years ago#3
More of an exploit. If you have Broken Steel before you recruit Dogmeat, RL-3, or Fawkes, the three of them level with you which makes them near invincible. Dogmeat at lvl 30 could single handedly take out a behemoth. | SS FC: 2150 0689 7619
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6 years ago#4
Dogmeat and Fawkes will gain 500 HP every time you level up to result in 15,000 HP once you hit level 30. RL-3 is similar, but with a smaller amount of HP that ends up at about 13,000. But this is only with Broken Steel. In vanilla Fallout 3, Dogmeat has crap for HP but Fawkes and RL-3 are still tough for followers.
6 years ago#5
I actually have a question about this. Does it matter what level you get dogmeat at, or will he have the same health in the end regardless of what level you get him at?
6 years ago#6
Same health. The deciding factor is whether you find Dogmeat before or after you install Broken Steel. If you find Dogmeat before installing Broken Steel, he'll be frail like normal. If after installing Broken Steel, he's the best bullet sponge in the game since he's fast and can only attack at point-blank :)
6 years ago#7
I just picked up dogmeat this morning at level 8, so that means his health will raise up to my level? I just want to make sure, sorry about all the questions.
6 years ago#8
As long as you have Broken Steel installed, you're all good. You don't have to be engaged in the broken steel quests yet.
6 years ago#9
Wait until you get the MIRV, Fire 8 mini nukes at dogmeat at level 30 and watch him lose only 3/4 of his health. Every other non-companion thing in the game goes ker-blooey, except maybe the matrixy ghoul reavers. They are pretty much glitched the same way and the most annoying enemies in the game. On the plus side there's only like 10 in the whole game.
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