How can I get alot of bad karma really fast?

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User Info: Fenix_Darkblaze

8 years ago#1
I'm currently at the level of 'saint', and I want to get myself back down to neutral. I've already disarmed the Megaton bomb, so that's not an option.. What other ways can I lose alot of karma really fast, beyond mass-murdering one of the cities?

User Info: irrimn

8 years ago#2
Go steal a bunch of junk out of someone's house.

User Info: ineedbettername

8 years ago#3
Steal stuff. Hack peoples' computers. Be creative, there are lots of ways.
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User Info: BigBlackMarth

8 years ago#4
Just steal alot of stuff in a city then walk outside and come back in when people start getting hostile?
okay i have killed every one in the first town and the did the boom thing then kill all the people in the tower im kinda lost - killerkahones

User Info: viper77321

8 years ago#5
go to a town and kill everyone there EASY SON

User Info: FFFanboy78912

8 years ago#6
Find some slaves and kill them "on accident" while trying to disarm their collars. Though if your successful, you get good karma, so its a 50-50 shot, though I'm not sure what would happen if you ignore their pleas of help.

User Info: Dameon55

8 years ago#7
When you see the beggars outside asking for water, kill them too. Cannibalize. Do that while other people are watching.

User Info: IceThatJaw

8 years ago#8
Just Kill Man. Go to the the families hideout and kill them all. KILL KILL!

You get lots of experience for killing NPC' also.
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  3. How can I get alot of bad karma really fast?

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