Wheres paladin gunny or whatever?

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User Info: OldManGreg

8 years ago#1
Im trying to get the power armor and all the guys tell me to go find him in the lab but i have no idea where the lab is, is it in the radio station?

User Info: JRD1912

8 years ago#2
Main court yard.

User Info: PacManX12

8 years ago#3
Paladin Gunny is in the Citadel. I found him in the A Ring or whatever they call it. And find him there regularly.
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User Info: Stormuser

8 years ago#4
He's in the courtyard and he's near a brotherhood novice who is doing shooting practice... If hes not there then go to another person who is target practicing.

User Info: mewarmo990

8 years ago#5
A lot of people have had trouble finding Gunny, who is supposed to be in the lab area/armory, but also shows up in the Courtyard. The problem is that for a while he's just not there, and you have to let some time pass before he actually appears. You can search the entire complex for him and no Gunny; there's no real explanation for it.

User Info: MiamiLolphins

8 years ago#6
Courtyard; around the afternoon he walks in A and B Ring...

User Info: OldManGreg

8 years ago#7
i just got the satellite from the spaceship in the museum. Should I have been to the citadel yet?

User Info: pott3r14

8 years ago#8
No, if you just got the satellite that means that you are finishing up the GNR quest. You still have quite a ways to go before you get to the citadel.
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