*Revealed* Fallout 3 World Map with Locations!

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I've been searching for the past couple of days for a map screenshot that would show all the locations. Nothing really helps, although ShadowsDieAway's FAQ seems to have all the locations. But I don't have the PC version and couldn't see any lat/lng coordinates on the Xbox's PipBoy. So I scrounged together a bunch of different things including the FAQ and some Youtube videos and came up with the following map. There might be a few that are wrong, since I haven't been to all of these locations. But I think it's pretty accurate. This is definitely going to help me out with exploration. Let me know if anything is wrong and I'll update the file.


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Thanks for sharing man =]
But one question if i have the Explorer Perk the locations are not shown in map ?
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BTW, the lines that are going along the map are to show everyone what the heck ShadowsDieAway was talking about when he broke it into zones in his FAQ.

It goes from the top left to the bottom right




Hope that makes sense.

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Sticky requested. Nice find
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I'm barely halfway through the main quest arc but judging by the places I've been to and/or are marked on my map, it seems pretty accurate.
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I love you
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