Who should I take? Fawkes or Star Paladin Cross?

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User Info: killeradams

8 years ago#1
Who is better to take? Heck. who's more interesting?

User Info: TheBanhamner

8 years ago#2
Fawkes FTW
TheBanhammer™ You'll probably be hit by it...
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User Info: Xeliath

8 years ago#3
Well you can take the stupid super mutant or you can take the badass BoS Paladin female Cross.

User Info: Ibolice

8 years ago#4
Jericho. *shot*

User Info: riffraff12000

8 years ago#5
Badass...lol...mine was killed by a radscorpion.
EA... the people have spoken.
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User Info: xenogearsownz

8 years ago#6

Star Paladin Cross has about as much personality as a plank of wood.

Not only is Fawkes the most interesting character in the game, but you'll have trouble getting kills sometimes because he mows through everything so quick; especially when he gets his EPIC SIZED LASER MINIGUN. Plus, Cross will probably get killed by the time you get to Fawkes anyway.

User Info: Dustin1280

8 years ago#7
Fawks is like the god of good guys...

It takes 3 fatboy shots to kill him....
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User Info: TheNinjaGuy

8 years ago#8
fawkes is god mode plain and simple, a lot of the game isn't even fun with him(maybe on very hard haven't tried)
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User Info: Xeliath

8 years ago#9
You have to be a total noob to let your follower get killed, cross is srsly awesome, Fawkes is for wannabes.

User Info: puffsucky

8 years ago#10
Fawkes takes the challenge out of the game. I hate using him because you can basically sit back and let him mow everything down for you.
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