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8 years ago#1


I cant finish the quest because I cant find the boys aunt. I have found "The weatherly hotel" but the door to Veras room is locked.

I have tried wating for about 2 days with 1 hour increment but Vera dosent show up.. Is there any other place Vera hangs out?

8 years ago#2
Hmm... Sounds like a glitch. Vera is the owner of the Hotel, and it's where she spends pretty much all of her time. Are you sure she isn't sitting at a table in the Hotel?
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8 years ago#3
try leaving the room and coming worked for me when I couldn't get her to show up...
8 years ago#4
you mean you tried both day and night or you just wait for a day and find her around the same time as the last?
She wasn't there when I was looking for her, then I sat there for a few mins and she came out with that priest guy.
I think it was 3 in the afternoon.
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8 years ago#5
i found vera in the stairwell when i first entered rivet city.. maybe she died for you if you can't find her, cause i see her everywhere.
8 years ago#6
I have tried wating for about 2 days with 1 hour intervals, I am affraid that it is a glitch and she dosent show up at all. Can i have done something to make her go away?
8 years ago#7
Just pick the lock and go in to talk to her.
8 years ago#8
I had the same problem. Fortunately I was hanging around for a while waiting for Angela's wedding, and she finally showed up. I think she must just hole herself up for a while or something. :|

Though maybe it is a glitch... I broke into Li's room to get the holotapes, and Sister was in there. o_o
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