For the love of god!! someone please help! Vault 106!

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8 years ago#1
Im stuck and i cant get out... i have killed everyone in there and i think i have got everything in there but i cant get out! the original vault door says "this door must be opened elsewere".

Iv treid looking this up on the internet and everyone seems to say somthing different. Some say the exit is a secret door, some say it a key that you need and other say you cant get out and your trapped for good.

Could someone please help me out here as i have tried everything i can.

8 years ago#2
Just go to the control panel like in Vault 101 and open it.
8 years ago#3
if only it was that simple.... there is no switch ...well there is but it doesnt work. Its not just me thats having this problem...seraching on the internet iv found a few people that have and there is even a youtube vedio with a guy asking for help.

Someone must know!!
8 years ago#4
Must be bugged for you then. Why did you close it behind you in the first place?
8 years ago#5
I didnt, it was closed when i came back. There is a security computer in one of the rooms near by but i dont have enough science points to access it so i really dont know how im spose to get out.

I did think it might be my game thats bugged but other people seem to be having the same problem.

Have you been in Vault 106? (*spoiler*) I think its different to any of the others as its got some type of experement with gasses that make you see things.
Its driving me nuts trying to get out of there.
8 years ago#6
Yes I have been in vault 106 and I did not have any problems. When I was leaving the vault door was still open. and i closed it using the outside control panel. You might just have to reload an earlier save. There is a Master key but it is just used to access the security vault
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  3. For the love of god!! someone please help! Vault 106!

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