Fort Bannister... what is the point...???

#1AC26XPPosted 11/8/2008 8:01:17 PM

Prior to stumbling upon Fort Bannister, I have been randomly attacked by these Talon Mercs guys, since they seem to have a contract hit out on me.

With that being said, I am going through Fort Bannister, killing everything in my wake and I have two questions:

1) If I kill everything in Fort Bannister will I spoil possible quests and NPC interaction later on? Granted I have not 100% completed going through every room in Fort Bannister, but I feel I am more than 75% complete as the map begins to fill in... and wonder if I should just stop and let the naturual progression of game quests bring me back.

2) Entering through Commander's Quarters sewer entrance, I eventually come across what looks like a flooded reactor room (?) So I swim down and around the flooded radioactive room, but cannot seem to find anything. Is there anything I am missing or is it just an empty flooded room ?



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Has nothing to do with any Main or Sidequest (ive done em all) so kill away!
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Now that I went through the entire Fort Bannister and eliminated everything in it (including Commander Jabsco), will the Talon Merc gangs stop randomly showing up and trying to take me out (ie., no more contract on me) ?

I would think so, but I guess we will see.