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8 years ago#1

I read about the Firelance on this board and because I was 45 hours into the game I was afraid that I would miss. I made it a mission to find a guaranteed way to get the firelance mini encounter. I did find one and it is detailed below after the explanation.

First let me begin by explaining a little about the Firelance. It is an alien ray gun that does massive damage,sets targets on fire, weighs 2 pounds and has an extremely high critical hit chance. The death animation caused for it looks similar to energy weapon except that the target turns blue instead o f orange. The firelance can only be acquired through a random mini encounter that happens when you travel to one of many specific points in the world. These "random encounters" are actually not so random and can can be exploited by reloading a save until you get the encounter you were looking for. It is my belief that there is a list of many 100 or so possible random encounter that can happen throughout the world and that each of these location can only do approximately 10 of the 100 or so which is why constant reload will eventually lead to multiple repeats and you can't see ever encounter at every location. The trick is knowing one spot that the encounter you want has the potential to occur at and reloading your save as necessary until you get it. This location is one such guaranteed Firelance encounter location. Needless to say a guide could and should be written detailing every random encounter location and the possible random encounters that can occur there.

Important note: I do not know if character level, luck have anything to do with the probability of encounters. Someone please report back on you level/luck and if you got the Firelance. It is also unknown to me if you can get random encounters to occur again in the same spot. I have been unable to make this occur at all. I won't rule the possibility out but I have not found a way. So until this is proven otherwise if you have already activated a random encounter in front of rockopolis you cannot use this method.

Method in next post. Sorry for the long explanation.
8 years ago#2
Travel to Casey Smith's garage. Enter the garage. Exit the garage. You will now be facing east. Turn around and facing almost directly West and just ever so slightly North. Now travel in this direction for approximately 30-40 seconds and you will arrive at the Rockopolis entrance and a "random encounter will be in front of the entrance. If you did not get the UFO exploding over your head encounter simply reload your auto save after leaving the garage and travel there again. Eventually the encounter will occur. Here is a list of encounters that I got:

1. A UFO crashes overhead dumping the firelance and alien ammo.
2. A wastland junkie that sells chems
3. One radiation barrel and 3 giant worker ants along with 1 giant soldier ant
4. Three hunters hunting molerats
5. A scavenger with a friendly yao gui following him
6. A enclave eyebot firing at 2 wastelanders
7. An injured deathclaw and a dead wastelander on the ground with the deathclaw schematics.

With luck you will get the UFO encounter with minimal reloads. Note that the gun is somtimes extremely hard to find it is small and gray. It blends into the rocks and ground very well. Rest assured if you saw the UFO explosion and you see the glowing blue ammo it is one the ground then the gun is there too.

More soon.
8 years ago#3
Have you tested this multiple times?

As in, have you reloaded and seen the same UFO encounter there more than once?
8 years ago#4
umm the UFo crash is up by oasis, and all you have to do is go to it, grab the gun and ammo there
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8 years ago#5
umm the UFo crash is up by oasis, and all you have to do is go to it, grab the gun and ammo there

There is more than one UFO crash. The one with the Alien Blaster is always in the same place.

The one with the FireLance is random.

There is a difference.
8 years ago#6
dont be dum sir^

Theres thats the Basic alien weapon...
the firelance is the 'epic' alien weapon.

Also there is a random encounter spot near oasis as well but you dont get the overhead explosion as stated near vault 87 or that garage place. But if you fast travel to the shack west of oasis and take the north route to get there, you'll run across a canyon with toxic waste at the bottom and you'll see all sorts of random encounters there, the most notable one is Ben Cranning and some other guy shooting a railway gun at you. You also get some good encounters dealing with merchants going to oasis, but if you're this close to oasis already you'll most likely dont need the info on their bodies.

But its always funny to see an NPC convulse and die right infront of you w/o you provoking him.
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8 years ago#7
"dont be dum sir"

The irony...
8 years ago#8
sorry i was referring to neuhog's post
8 years ago#9
I know, but it's ironic you call someone "dum" while making horrid spelling errors...
8 years ago#10
Yes I have reloaded and got this again I reloaded my save approximately 30 times and got the UFO 3 times.
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