How do you heal Jericho?

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8 years ago#1

Hired him with my evil character and shortly after our first battle we were walking and he hit a random landmine that I didn't get anywhere near, and lost almost about 80% his health. There wasn't any dialogue selection to heal him. And putting stimpacks in his equipment was wishful thinking but he didn't use em either.  He then got pwned by a missile our next fight

 Is there something I'm missing? Before I backtrack and waste my caps again

8 years ago#2
I had something similar happen to me. He will heal himself back up to full health after combat, so find something easy to kill and engage it in combat and then kill it and he should be healed up afterwards.
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8 years ago#3
says theres a reply post but I dont see it..
8 years ago#4

nevermind, after i just posted the first reply magically appeared.


so he just auto heals after battle? how come when the battle was over he didnt heal then? i tried auto travelling to megaton and resting and he was still the same.  it was when i went back out to battle again that he got pwned by a missile.  ill just backtrack and hope that he autoheals next time

8 years ago#5
That's what you get for using GameSpot. I don't know why they randomly block messages from GameFAQs.
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