national guard depot: where is the bobblehead?

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8 years ago#1
I cant find it...
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8 years ago#2
Go through the depot until you reach the offices, which then lead back into the main area. a switch will be present here, press it and make your way down to the bottom level where the utility door will now be open, follow the orange light if you cant find it. Open a second switch and you will open the floor to the bobblehead.
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8 years ago#3
Thanks, found it...missed the switch...
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8 years ago#4
Okay, that's a spoiler in the title. I haven't been to the National Guard Depot yet and did not know there was a bobblehead there. Seriously, just word your titles better.
8 years ago#5
AMAGAWD HEWG HEWG spoilahs, there is a bawble headz amagawdz
8 years ago#6
It's sad when people get frothy over "spoilers."
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8 years ago#7
That doesn't spoil anything.

If that was a spoiler, every single topic would have to have spoiler in the heading, with extremely vague titles.

Grow up.
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