Fawkes is the worst follower in the game.

#1GeneralKenobi85Posted 11/27/2008 7:38:27 PM
I've only had three people follow me around in total so far, and Fawkes was the last one I got. Sure, he is nearly invincible and kills everything in a few seconds, but he makes stupid mistakes.

Dogmeat met his death from a Deathclaw that I did not react fast enough to. But Fawkes could have killed it or would have at least warned me. But after I kill the Deathclaw I look across the map and see Fawkes just standing there stupidly. His carelessness resulted in Dogmeat's death.

Fawkes did make up for it by blowing up a vertibird and a bunch of cars with his gatling laser and it is funny to watch him run.

It was then that I went to Old Olney to find the prototype medic power armor. I searched around in the sewers and could not find it. I went outside of the sewers for some reason then went back in to look some more. Fawkes didn't follow me in. I assumed that he would be back eventually. I continued to look and there was nothing. So, I save and quit to go look online for the armor's location. Turns out that the body with the armor did not even show up in my game and I had just wasted time.When I load up my game again, a message popped up that was very unexpected.

"Fawkes has died" showed up on the screen. It was the only save I had, so Fawkes was gone permenantly. I went outside of the sewer and saw his body there. I then killed the one Deathclaw nearby that must have been the killer.

Two followers killed by Deathclaws because of a stupid Super mutant. Uncle Leo would have been better I think.
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Uncle Leo would be better by a longshot

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Looking for a 500 topic i see.
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#5plyr_hatrPosted 11/27/2008 7:45:03 PM
hes not lookin for a 500 topic........he just wanted to share his stupidity in not having multiple saves
#6Mutedfaithwi60Posted 11/27/2008 7:46:25 PM
"Two followers killed by Deathclaws because I was careless and stupid enough to not have a backup save."

#7GeneralKenobi85(Topic Creator)Posted 11/27/2008 7:47:54 PM
I kept multiple saves in Oblivion, but I never did for this for some reason.

And I am not looking for a 500 topic. And Fawkes obviously isn't the worst follower.
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#8littlesteinPosted 11/27/2008 7:50:12 PM
Ok, dude, i have like 600+ saves prolly right now, and the fact you only had 1 save is just sad man.. I mean cmon! Plus, is it even POSSIBLE for Fawkes to die? I shot him in the head like 20+ times with a sawed off shotgun and his health didn't budge.
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#9l33t_h4xPosted 11/27/2008 7:52:51 PM
Well, since everyone and their mother says Fawkes is a female, I'll refer to Fawkes as a "she".

Like I said the other day, Fawkes died on me because she always decides to go around small cliffs/fences instead of just jumping off to the ground/jumping over them like I do. The other day I was waiting for her but it was taking forever for her to get to me after jumping off a 10 foot cliff so I left. A few minutes later I get "Fawkes has died." I didn't know where or how she died, but I thought "Oh well." Since it's been a while since I saved there was no way I'm reloading. I later discovered her body laying face down right next to a Sentry Bot, so I killed the bot.

I guess the Sentry Bot slaughtered her.
#10GeneralKenobi85(Topic Creator)Posted 11/27/2008 7:53:04 PM
I could have avoided Dogmeat's death by reloading, but I decided not to. And I though that Fawkes was pretty much invincible also, but I was wrong.

And I have nearly 1700 saves in total. I only have one save file though.
Koopa: You're about to face the best of Bowser's most elite troops, so prepare yourselves.
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