Where to get good armor early?

#1dstaitiPosted 12/4/2008 8:37:01 AM
All - I have a lvl 5 character, and I'm on the survival guide mole rat quest right now. I haven't found the leather armor, or anything better than the standard raider stuff. Where can I find some decent armor? Also, are there any ammo rich areas to farm? I'm basically out of sniper rifle rounds
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im lvl 5 as well and my best armor is commando or combat armor or something that starts with a C. I bought it from the supply store in Megaton. i think its 15/25 Helm is 3/3. Makes my character look like a Quake guy.
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My personal fave, before you start quests to get unique armor, is the Recon Armor. Its gives 5+ Sneak, which is always good, and has up to 30 DR when fully repaired.
IRC, I bought it first from Moira (assuming you have Megaton), and Flak and Shrapnel carry it too sometimes.

Raider armor is better than nothing, just make sure to get it repaired (or do it yourself, Raider armor is very plentiful) or if the Talon Mercs are after you, take thier Talon armor - its pretty good too
#4dstaiti(Topic Creator)Posted 12/4/2008 9:02:48 AM
I haven't seen any of those armors, and I am in megaton.
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Your level 5 and you haven't found anything better? tell me, do you even bother with merchants, they always carry better armor than raiders. Besides, Armor is for wimps.
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I use the sexy nightwear armor.. It shows off my chars two big cannons better..
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for ammo, just check every box/desk/locker/etc, every room, every body and you'll eventually have so much you never have to worry again. especially with the scrounger perk.

for your immediate sniper ammo need, check this thread about a stash just outside megaton: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.php?board=939933&topic=46297435

also Moira will send you to Minefield(if she hasn't already) and there will be a guy with a stash of sniper ammo.

as far as armor goes, if you do the Reily's Rangers quest you can choose the best non-power armor in the game for a reward. one of the Survival Guide quests has you going to Rivet City. on the way there I was ambushed by Talon Company Mercs who wear a variation of standard Combat Armor.

If you do the "Those!" quest in Grayditch, the subway tunnels that you have to go into to find the ants, follow it all the way to the end and come out the other side(don't remember location name). For me there was a fight between Super Mutants and Brotherhood Of Steel. The BoS lost and i got 2 or 3 suits of Power Armor off their bodies. But you won't be able to wear it until a certain point in the main story.

Just keep checking Moira's inventory, or do her quests until she sends you to Rivet City and check all the vendors there. Eventually you'll start seeing Leather Armor/Combat Armor/Recon Armor/Metal Armor/etc. to buy.

FWIW, I wouldn't worry to much about armor. I'm Lv20 and 70 hours in and I'm still wearing Leather Armor just because I like how it looks. As long as you are checking every nook and corner for supplies to pick up you'll have so many Stimpacks that the low DR won't matter. That and nothing stays alive long enough to do much damage to me.
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Talon combat armor is probably the best you can get early on. It's worn by hitmen and mercs who pop up at random locations so just keep exploring and you should run into them eventually.
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where do u start Reily's Rangers quest?
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I like to hoard all combat armor I get to use as repair material when I get the Ranger armor, but I'm just ocd like that.

I would like recon armor, but it just really, really looks like ass imo. I cant bring myself to wear something that looks like a turd with little metal rivets in it.

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