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7 years ago#1
Why does Sergeant RL-3 becomes hostile after you fire him?

I decided to fire him inside Canterbury Commons but he became hostile toward me and everybody on the town. I reloaded to try again but the same happen.

Fast travel to Robot Repair Center, fire him there and he turned hostile again...I managed to get away and wait for him inside Canterbury Commons to see what was his reaction. He stood outside Canterbury and started fighting one of the merchants (got kill in the process).

Left me no choice but to restart again in Robot Repair Center but this time I went in the opposite direction so I guess he went back to Canterbury.

Anybody knows why?
7 years ago#2
your first mistake was hiring him. he sucks
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7 years ago#3
I've never fired him, so no clue why he becomes hostile..maybe he's mad you fired him?

and I like him, is my first companion in the game so far
and comes in handy when looting :)
GT: Merenwen 812
7 years ago#4
RL-3 has advantages and disadvantages. He uses plasma weapons and a flamer-like attack, with infinite ammo. He is the absolute easiest to get in my opinion as you can earn 1k caps while staying Neutral leaving the Vault at the beginning of the game within 20 minutes, and that doesn't even require the merchant glitch to take all of their money.

Downsides: As you play the game, equipping followers with more fun weapons and making sure they have ammo to use them is definitely. Can also dress them as you wish, heh. Humanoid followers can throw the grenades you supply them with. Downside, can't use Dogmeat effectively when you give followers the fun weapons that make big booms, lol.

Oh, one other thing. Don't sleep in Megaton with multiple followers at your home... RL-3 and Dogmeat trap me in the bedroom, can't get out the freaking door since you can only push one NPC at a time, not two!
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7 years ago#5
Actually, Sergeant RL-3 would be pretty good.....if he scaled.

See, other followers gain increases to their stats as you level up to keep them from dying in one hit whenever you bump into a super mutant master, but Sergeant RL-3 does not scale, so he becomes next to useless mid-game and a liability late game.

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7 years ago#6
I don`t have problems with him. It gives the game some variety because he`s the only robot companion in the game, his anti-communism dialogs are funny and he can carry tons of loots next to regular followers.

I was just wondering why he turns hostile. Never seen something like this happen before. I`ve tried with all other followers and they just go back into their target places and are ready and available for me to pick whenever I want but in RL-3 case, he just turn into another wasteland robot shooting everything on sight.
7 years ago#7
I just had a thought........
what is your alignment when firing him?
try firing him while neutral...he only likes neutral so maybe if you fire him while good or bad he turns on you

just a suggestion have no clue if this is the problem
GT: Merenwen 812
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