Highly recommended: Using infinite caps glitch with caravan merchants.

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8 years ago#1
I would suggest investing the 700 caps into both Wolfgang, Lucky Harith, and Crow, but not Doc, because you can't use the glitch on him. That way, you can use Wolfgang's repair skills to repair whatever you need, then wait around for Lucky and Crow and you can use the glitch on them. You'll be getting around 1400-1700 caps every time they come back to Canterbury Commons (or where ever you choose to wait for them). Give them a couple days to restock on caps. This way you'll always have money for things you may need more, like chems, or stimpaks. Remember that any merchant you can find where the glitch is available, you have free reign on any items he may be carrying, spend as much money on him as you want, then use the glitch to get all your money back. Just a tip for people who may be struggling to make money if you even need it. I know there are ways to play this game where caps aren't even a factor at all.
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8 years ago#2
What glitch? Can you please explain how to get this glitch?
8 years ago#3
Condensed version:

Find a merchant, preferably an armor or weapons merchant. Example: Flak/Shrapnel.

Look through his inventory...Sometimes merchants will carry two of the same item, but one of them will be in lesser condition than the other.


Combat Shotgun 100 caps (at 80% condition)
Combat Shotgun 18 caps (at 20% condition)

Buy the Combat Shotgun that is of lesser condition, aka, the one that costs 18 caps. Sell it back to him, buy it back. This time, the Shotgun you've been buying that was once at 20% condition is now magically at 100% condition, and will now sell for, let's say 150 caps. Sell it back for a huge profit. When you sell it back, the same shotgun is now magically back at 20% condition. So you can buy it back for 18 caps again. Then sell it back again for 150 caps. Rinse and repeat until the merchant is completely broke. Use the wait feature to wait 4-7 days until the merchant has caps again. Now you have infinite caps with this method.

Read my original post about investing into the caravans, it will greatly increase your profit margin!
San Francisco 49ers 2008 Season (7-9)
8 years ago#4
By mid game without glitching or camping I had thousands of caps, by end game I had hundreds of unused stimpacks. Not much reason to glitch the system in this game, I think. :)
8 years ago#5
This glitch will allow you to get an item repaired to 100% for free and it will also allow you to make free caps and ammo as long as you have one item and the shop keeper has one of the same item as you. Or if the shop keeper has two of the same items and you have none (same condition is not required).

1. Go to a shop keeper and trade with them

2. Make sure the shopkeeper has at least one of the same item as you are trying to sell. Or that the shop keeper has two, and you have none.

3. Sell your item to the shopkeeper. If the shop keeper has two of the same item, You can skip this step.

4. Buy the cheaper of the 2 items back (nothing happens the first few time)

5. Sell the same item back to shopkeeper and then buy it back again

6. When you buy the item back you will notice that for you, it is fully repaired. (If it is only partially repaired, repeat step 5 until it is fully repaired).

You can now sell the fully repaired item back for a price that is higher than the price you bought it for. It will remain the same condition and price as when you first sold it in the shop keeper's inventory, but will be fully repaired and worth more when it is in your inventory. The reason the repair is free is because you can repeatedly buy and sell the item for a profit, negating the initial loss of caps that you encounter when you first buy it back.

Say laser pistol "A" is 24 caps but laser pistol "B" is 300 caps. You are now making a profit of 276 caps every time you sell it. Even so you are buying the laser pistol for the price of 24 caps you are selling it for 300 caps and making money. To take this one step further, You now take the caps you just got from the shop keeper and use them to buy any items you might want like health items and ammo. Now keep buying and selling the laser pistol back and forth like before tell you get all your caps back.

When the shop keeper runs out of caps, ammo or any other item you might want, Just hit the back button and wait 4 days (Right there in the Shop) and the shop keeper will now get all there items and caps back again. Repeat all the above steps all over again as many times as you like or need.

8 years ago#6
Thanks guys, Im gonna do that on my next playthrough, but now , im swimming in caps xD
8 years ago#7
already made a topic like this...
fallout 3 is awesome
8 years ago#8
fallout 3 is awesome
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  3. Highly recommended: Using infinite caps glitch with caravan merchants.

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