HELP ! I cant find arlington library

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7 years ago#1

I am in the middle of a quest and need to find arlington library but which ever way i go i seem to come to a dead end.

I do seem to be getting lost quite often in this game is there any tips on navigation and how the hell do i get to arlington library, ant help will be much appreciated.

7 years ago#2
You need to go through metro tunnels for most places in the DC ruins.
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7 years ago#3
Arlington library is by the Citadel.

From Megaton go east to the river then head north following the river. You'll come across Willem's Wharf and the flooded metro tunnels, then the Citadel. From there just swing north east and it's pretty much right across the street.
7 years ago#4
Tips on navigation:
Set it as an active quest and follow the arrow on your compass.
Check the world map and fast travel to a discovered place close to your destination.
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7 years ago#5

I have tried to metro system but still cant get there, i have alsofollowed the arrows on the map but keep comming to a dead end.

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  3. HELP ! I cant find arlington library

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