So I bought the DLC on disc and I'm not sure what happened

#421Krnxmatt7Posted 5/28/2009 1:26:13 PM
*posts in a really great topic*
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jim wuz here.
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Wow, guys, I'm posting in one of the greatest topics ever!
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I, too, am posting in an epic thread.
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This is still going?
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It's just occured to me that maybe he ought to have stuck the two discs together with the gum, like some sort of confusing PC point-and-click adventure.
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Yep, to 500 I wouldn't doubt.
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I lol'd

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Maybe TC should remove the top of his xbox so he can just reach in and swap the discs when he gets near the top of map to load up The Pitt!!

I hope this is the first topic ever to make it to 501 !!!
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good god..
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