breathing underwater???

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User Info: steelhalo1212

7 years ago#1
I am in rivit city and am trying to visit pinkerton, I keep dying (drowning). Is there any way to get to him with out having to pick the very hard lock, or swimming underwater??? Or is there anything i can take to prevent me from drowning?? Thanks in advance

User Info: Turtuly

7 years ago#2
Swim faster
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User Info: RickDicolus

7 years ago#3

Hey man, if you get to the door outside the broken bow you can just swim up, there are air pockets all over the place. This topic would have benefited from a spoiler tag.
This is ridiculous.

User Info: skrat501

7 years ago#4
Lots of stimpaks is my guess.

User Info: Purple_Cheetah

7 years ago#5
Dive to the door and go for it as fast as possible, then just go straight on through 1-2 doors, then go up, take a moment and there should be another door leading to stairs, or stairs without the door.
Once you get up there you shouldn't have breathing problems, though you might have some of another kind.

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