Distributing skill points in the beginning of the game..little help please.

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7 years ago#1
I was following Absolute Steve's guide for his Grand, Great All Around Character and around the beginning of the guide he says at level 2 to put lockpick up to 45 which gives you a lockpick of 50 with the utility clothing. Now...if I were playing as a goody goody would I need a lockpick of 50 early on in the game sometime before finding the bobblehead and skill books for lockpick? I was playing an evil game before and it seemed to make sense to have it at 50 for busting into places like Lucas Simms house but if I weren't playing an evil game I wouldn't be doing that. So if I play a good game should I still raise my lockpick to 45 or leave it at 40 then increase it with the bobblehead and skill books...or should I just increase it to 35 then 45 with the bobblehead then 95 with the skill books then 100 with the utility clothing when I need it? This all goes the same for science...same principles for that too...just wondering because I, for some reason, prefer to have to use each skill book instead of raising my skill high enough so some of the skill books become invaluable.

And yeah...sorry for the wall of text...this whole thing has just been kind of bugging me.
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7 years ago#2
Honestly if you have the Broken Steel DLC, it is not going to be much of an issue getting any of your skills up to 100 if you are willing to go skill book hunting. I would recommmend bumping it up to 50 regardless, as there are a lot of average lockpicks around even for a good character too.
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7 years ago#3
Remember, lockpicking isn't always about stealing.
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7 years ago#4
locked doors are everywhere, not just from people in towns. and early on you might not want to put too much in both lockpick AND science because they tend to overlap. alot of locks have computers next to them that can also open the door or safe.

50 is a good goal for the skill, i have another character with 100 lockpick and it's not very useful. there just aren't alot of very hard locks with anything good in them (by the time your lockpick is 100 you're probably already a killing machine and any rewards will seem 'meh' after all the effort it took to get 100 lockpick skill).
7 years ago#5
So would you guys suggest that I just bring either science or lockpick up to 45 (50 with the uniform) and then leave the other at 40? I would suppose if the answer is yes to increase lockpick up to 45 in case some of the doors that have average locks don't have computers near them?
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7 years ago#6
hard to say. in theory; yes but my vats character with high intelligence has 100 for both, and my melee build ended up needing 60 science for the cyborg perk so i ended up with a higher science than lockpick. so i never actually followed my own advice. i thought i should mention that in case you actually planned to take my advice.

i only meant to say that early on it helps to chose one over the other so you can have some better combat skills at the beginning of the game. and in the long run, i'm not sure if you need more than 50 lockpick, overall (that's what i noticed with my second character, who is at 50 lockpick with a bobblehead and maybe a few skill books).
7 years ago#7
lockpicking is very useful whether you're stick to being "good" or not. There are loads of ammo boxes & other things that you'll want to get into no matter what karma alignment you want to adhere to. However you go about it you'll be doing yourself a favor by getting your lockpick skill up to 50. You could bump it up to 35 & then use the vault 101 suit to bump up your repair & lockpick +5, but you'll then need to be sure & get the lockpick bobblehead asap.
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7 years ago#8
Small guns, sneak, repair, and possibly medicine as a 4th minor skill then just enjoy owning the crap out of everything for the first 8 levels or so. I really couldn't care less about unlocking crap and picking pockets is more fun anyway. After the first levels maybe level up energy weapons or big guns, whatever. It should be easy by then.
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