Hardest possible monster/enemy?

#1EDENjrowPosted 4/2/2010 4:54:52 AM
I recently finished the main story line (at level 17 or so) and with Fawkes by my side I'm beginning to run out of difficult things to kill..

Out of curiosity... What is the hardest thing to kill, in the game (vanilla and DLC)?
I went to the Deathclaw Sanctuary and Fawkes didn't allow me to even hit a deathclaw before he sprayed their brains all over the walls. Is there anything that will give Fawkes a run for his money?

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#2KylelolcatPosted 4/2/2010 5:02:28 AM
My opinion: start dragging bodies into an area and have Fawkes try to kill them all.

Some Enclave, a few Deathclaws, some Super Mutants, whatever.
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#3KylelolcatPosted 4/2/2010 5:02:52 AM
It doesn't matter if you don't look tasty, a troll will still eat you.
#4Citrate1007Posted 4/2/2010 6:19:38 AM
with Fawkes by my side I'm beginning to run out of difficult things to kill.

Get rid of fawkes
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#5EDENjrow(Topic Creator)Posted 4/2/2010 7:41:48 AM
I was going to but after "Shock Value" I think I'll keep him haha.. I wouldn't have been able to do it without him. Also I just wanted to know if there was any type of monster that could beat him?
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#6RoniellioPosted 4/2/2010 8:25:56 AM

I witnessed him duke it out with an Overlord on Very Hard. Obviously he won.
I think the wiki states that Overlords on Very Hard have the same amount of health as Behemoths
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#7BigLongDownerPosted 4/2/2010 8:30:21 AM
^ I've shot 2 rounds (16 mini nukes) with the Experimental MIRV at Fawkes and Dogmeat, and they did not get a scratch. When I was hunting down the Giant Super Mutants, Fawkes basically took them all down. It was a good thing too because the one at the Jury Street Metro Station popped up behind me and when I turned around Fawkes was already gunning them down. He makes them game too easy and steals a lot of my kills, but he does save you a lot of times, too.
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#8KlownArtPosted 4/2/2010 8:32:06 AM
Drop Fawkes. In my opinion, having someone with you hurts a couple of aspects of this game. Obviously fear is one of them.
#9RoniellioPosted 4/2/2010 8:43:37 AM
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#10tdockweilerPosted 4/5/2010 10:17:34 PM

There is one place that could kill Fawkes. Go to Franklin Metro Utility at say level 17 or whenever this area spawns Reavers (probably even lower?). On very hard, I doubt Fawkes could make it out alive.

I went there so early, about the same level that Reavers appeared and I absolutely could not even get past the first two reavers at the entrance on very hard (no NPC). There was two right inside the door and about a dozen or more elsewhere.

Other then "Fort Bannister" this is the most difficult area of the game at lower levels on very hard.

The one enemy I fear the most is Albino Scorpions on very hard. I don't like to use my highest powered weapon because it seems to take away the fun.