Sigma if you hate this game so much why stay on this board

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ReturnOfFrank posted...
I love all of the fallout games especially the first two, I still have fond memories of zooming around in the car etc. Fallout Tactics was ok but did get very repetitive after a few missions but it wasn't bad by any means. Fallout 3 and NV are good games but rpg elements have been dumbed down for modern gamers IMO.

Planescape torment is the best Rpg of the last twenty years in my eyes. It's sheer perfection wrapped up into a game that lets you make your own choices and doesn't hold your hand. Combine that with the deepest storyline i've ever encountered in a game, great writing and character design make it the best now. No game post millenium can compare to it in terms of role playing and quality.

The late nineties was the climax of the classic RPG—with the above mentioned and the Baldur's Gate series as well. I find myself crawling back to them in light of recent re-releases, sequels and of course Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, although no real story changes save for the new characters, it is available on the iPad which is an awesome convenience in playability. And Torment: Tides of Numenera has funded a ridiculous amount of money through their Kickstarter.

History repeats itself? ...yeah, I can agree with that.