Favorite levels?

#1libertangoPosted 3/8/2012 7:02:29 PM
Clearing the muties out of the subway was a really incredible experience. The game went into Serious Sam mode for a second there...and I actually ran out of shotgun ammo, which I usually have plenty of.

But my favorite section of all was the Jackal Hideout. Sort of reminded me of the Lost Boy Hideout in Hook. Really epic atmosphere with your enemies flying around on ziplines.
#2Manhunt21Posted 3/9/2012 3:43:34 PM
Dead City and Blue Line. Also, Bash TV..I played that 30+ times in a row once. :D
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#3libertango(Topic Creator)Posted 3/9/2012 5:35:54 PM
On my second playthrough I did the distillery level. I think it must be optional, because I don't remember it in the first playthrough. I stumbled upon the developer signature room by accident, which was really cool.

I hope that the level designer won't be too hard to use when they finally release it. I have no technical know-how, but I love the AI in this game so much, that I would really love to create my own levels. I was playing some Doom 2 and thinking about how the levels could use more non-linearity, secret rooms, and vents. I'd like to design a level that has a lot of vent crawling.
#4Kalika001Posted 3/10/2012 6:54:23 PM
If you like Bash TV, you should play the Wasteland Legends on Solo. Two of the missions there are from Bash TV but MUCH HARDER than campaign.
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