Might we have already seen some of the finishing moves?

#1Tybrid06Posted 3/11/2008 3:44:31 PM
Finishing moves, instant kills, whatever you call it. I think we might have seen them in 2 of the trailers.

This is just speculation, but in the CES trailer (the one that revealed Yoda and Vader) you see Ivy casting some sort of spell on Raphael. And in another one you see Seigried perform this move where he strikes Tira with Soulcalibur and crystals come up from the floor around them. These don't look like ordinary attacks, at least not to me...my guess is that these are some of those finishing moves. Any thoughts?
#2Tybrid06(Topic Creator)Posted 3/11/2008 3:59:32 PM
Oh, I forgot, links:


#3CalmGPosted 3/11/2008 4:56:46 PM
In one of the trailers you also see Voldo do this big throw where he twists around in the air loads with Taki, then theres a massive explosion when he slams her down. Could that be Voldo's finisher?
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#4Ephemeral88Posted 3/11/2008 6:34:17 PM
I'm not really sure what to think.

Personally, I think IK's would be a bit gimmicky, and SC, a series known for a relatively in-depth system, probably wouldnt introduce an element like that. However, they can't just be for cutscenes or something ... they're obviously being used during gameplay ...

Maybe they'll be like the Final Smashes in Super Smash brawl ? Something incredibly cool (though risky and impractical) you can do every now and then after a certain number of Soul Charges ?

... I dunno.
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#5funguy2233Posted 3/11/2008 7:12:36 PM
Everyone keeps assuming that its a finishing move.

It could just be the ability to break your opponents weapon like in soul edge/blade
#6xOmniCloudxPosted 3/11/2008 7:27:04 PM
^ I hope so. I hope that is the case.
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#7xOmniCloudxPosted 3/11/2008 7:31:17 PM
Then again chopping someone in half with a inc blade and whirling sharp magical shiny blades at people seem far too extreme just for a weapon break.
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#8AmesangPosted 3/12/2008 5:33:15 AM
But this isn't 199whatever.. this is 2008! Don't things like weapon breaks still have to be X-TREME TO TEH MAX!?!?

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