Rule 34: Talim Taki and Ivy, GO

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User Info: m123tifa

8 years ago#1
You know it, go at it!

User Info: Yuji Kaido

Yuji Kaido
8 years ago#2
Ivy is thicka than a snicka.
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User Info: xxThe_Drizzlexx

8 years ago#3
Why the hell would I post rule 34 ANYTHING here, of all places? <_<
"So it has a few hardcore sex scenes. It's still one of the best RPGs ever made."-FoolsFolly
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User Info: whirow

8 years ago#4
what's rule 34??
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User Info: InvaderKimimaro

8 years ago#5
If it exists, there's pr0n of it.

Also notable is rule 35, if there's no pr0n of it, pr0n will be made of it.
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User Info: ranmafan

8 years ago#6
I agree there should be Rule 34 of these ladies, and Brunhilde as well, but not here on GameFAQs. I value my GameFAQs ranking.

On the other hand, there're some gels who might be a bit too boorish for my tastes... maybe yours too.

Ignorance is a terrible, terrible affliction. And those who refuse to be cured are the worst affected.
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